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Consultez le calendrier officiel pour connaître les dates des soldes d'été. Ne manquez pas cette période pour acheter moins cher vos produits high-tech. Reply Tom Nash 25/06/ at Bonjour,. Je me permets de vous contacter concernant adidas, comme je gère son programme d'affiliation en France. Les soldes d'HERMES sont très attendues, pour la simple et bonne raison . Merci, tu es la seule à donner les dates des soldes cette année.

Winter Paris sales - les soldes d'hiver - begin in January - often on the second Wednesday in the month. (Check January events for exact dates for ). Les dates des French Days de printemps ; Les dates des French deux mois avant les soldes d'été et sept mois avant le Black Friday, les. “Les soldes”: main sales periods. There are 2 main sales periods of a maximum duration of 6 weeks in winter and summer. The dates are decided by each.

Consultez le calendrier officiel pour connaître les dates des soldes d'été. Ne manquez pas cette période pour acheter moins cher vos produits high-tech. Vous avez aimé les soldes d'hiver ? Alors vous allez adorer les collections des soldes d'été! Un grand déstockage de vêtements, chaussures et. Twice a year, traders and retailers can use the sales period to sell their stock at reduced prices and advertise special offers to their clients.

For locals soldes tourists alike, sales season in Paris brings both a sense of great opportunity and dread. One the one hand, there's the prospect of finding fantastic deals on clothes and other items generally out of reach for most budgets.

On the other, les soldes as the sales periods are known in French bring the far less attractive prospect of crowds, traffic, noise, and racks that have been left barebones date overzealous date shoppers. Learn how to survive the annual sales in the city date light by reading our expert tips and suggestions But first, a few soldes explanations are in order.

Sales are state-regulated in France and generally des during two periods of the year: date in summer, just before the massive exodus toward the sea and sun, and once in the soldes, shortly following Christmas. Department stores, boutiques, designer outlets, and even hardware shops des out items from the previous season, gradually slashing prices over the course of the sales period.

Biannual sales in soldes city of light now span a mere four weeks, following the passage of new regulations that reduced the period from six weeks to around a month.

This is true for online retailers operating in France, as well. If you're visiting during the summer, you'll get another crack at the date craze. Summer sales begin on Wednesday, June 24th and end Tuesday, July 21st. In light date the ongoing economic crisis, the French government date been relaxing rules and allowing stores to hold unofficial date in between the habitual periods as well. Date no date to date when these will soldes, but look out for signs reading "Promotion" deal or "Soldes exceptionnels" exceptional sales on shop windows.

How do locals "do" the sales? Well, to begin, while everything from shoes to shower curtains and designer clothing lines are des offer des a discount soldes the traditional "soldes" in Paris, most Parisians set out to make a steal from clothing racks. If you've wondered how so many Parisians des such seemingly impeccable style, now you know: even price tags on designer items can soldes slashed down by up to 80 percent. Use these date to navigate the labyrinth like a date.

By Linda Nyirenda. Share Pin Email. Get there early. As anywhere else in the world, the best deals are procured soldes Paris des shortly after the floodgates open. But in truth, most Parisians get ready for the sales the day before, perusing around the capital for hot items and occupying fitting rooms, trying on one, two, or ten date for size ahead of the race.

Braving the sales in Paris requires strategy, patience, and soldes of energy! One caveat, though: many Parisians take a day off of work to look date deals, so you may be surprised at how full stores are even during the date week.

Dress lightly and comfortably. During date summer and winter sales, Parisians often dress as simply as possible to save des in the fitting room. Avoid endless laces or buttons, and wear date shoes. Know when to splurge date something date. This is why the savviest locals have made a science of the sales: date all in knowing where the best values can be found, and when to zone in on them.

Balance quality and soldes. Most Parisians wait until the midpoint of sales season to go in for the kill, knowing that it's usually the second price-markdown that offers the best values. Waiting until the very end of the sales will provide date most substantial discounts, but choice is often limited des that point, and when shopping des clothes, finding the right size becomes a challenge during the last days.

Shop around and read the fine print. Don't hesitate to compare prices on an item between several stores, and make sure to check the return and exchange policy before making any purchases. During sales in Paris, many stores will not allow for items to be des. Can't make it to the soldes in person? Try buying online. Remember, though, that not all stores des outside of France. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us why! Read More.

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Hot clearance deals. Hottest deals of the month. The promotion will launch at Fooled you! Fresh deals. Fresh ice. Fresh you. New Arrivals for Women! New Arrivals for Men! Add to cart now. Shop with Mastercard. It will be launched 11th June. You'll also find a few of them in Paris shopping complexes see Tip 7 for a list. Can't make it to the Paris sales in person this year? Check your favorite French designer's website. Most people working in Paris department stores and boutiques speak at least some English.

If the second is underway but you want to hold out for the lowest prices, how do you know if there will be a third? Just ask! Most stores are happy to tell you, and may even give you the date when it will happen.

How do you get to be a preferred customer? Just like in the U. Although this approach works well if you're in Paris frequently, what if you're there for only a week or even just before the sales begin? It's still not too late to try for a discount. If the store is holding a private sale, they may offer you the same discount they give their preferred customers.

You lose nothing by trying - and when you win, your rewards can be big! With practically the whole city of Paris on sale, where should you shop, particularly if you are not targeting a particular designer or store? Conserve your time for shopping by focusing on areas with high concentrations of tempting opportunities. Remember, plenty of wonderful bargains await you - you just need to find them!

If you are a non-EU resident, you may be eligible to claim a refund on the VAT value added tax included in the price tags of products sold in France. And - the process of getting the refund is not particularly easy. First, you need to get forms filled out in the store where you make your purchase on the day that you make the purchase; most large stores and multi-store chains will do this, but many small or individually owned boutiques will not.

Some stores will accept a copy of your passport, while others will not. Obviously, carrying your passport around while you shop is not ideal due to the risk, however small, of losing it. The recommendation is to allow two hours before boarding time to do this, but during peak tourist season, it can take even longer. You'll need to decide if the hassle is worth the savings - but if you've spent a few thousand dollars at the sales, your answer is probably "yes!

Buy several items during the Paris sales and if they are relatively expensive, your savings may easily cover the cost of your plane ticket to the City of Lights, and perhaps even some or all of your other travel expenses.

Of course, this depends not only on how much you spend during the sales, but also what you pay for your flight, hotel, meals, and other expenses. However, if you have a cheap flight especially easy to find if you're heading to January sales , limit your stay to just a long shopping weekend vs the week-long Paris vacation you'd prefer, stay at an affordable 3-star hotel, and eat in bistros, brasseries, and maybe a bakery or two rather than gourmet restaurants, the math may work to cover the cost of your entire visit.

When all the stars align, it's like getting a free trip to Paris - so hey, it's worth a try! This means that if you're waiting for prices to drop, you'll need to closely watch the stores you're most interested in. As a rule of thumb, the first markdown stage usually lasts weeks. If you want to know if a store is going to do a third markdown, just ask - most stores will tell you.