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DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having secret sex with my mother-in-law. I love my wife but I love her mum too and I know that she loves me. I finally gave into temptation. So this is something that has been eating me alive for nearly 15 years. It's screwed me up in more than a few ways. I've only ever talked about it with 2 people in. Listen to episodes of Sex Talk With My Mom on Podbay, the fastest and easiest way to listen to the best podcasts on the web.

How to Do It is Slate's sex advice column. Send your questions for Stoya and Rich to howtodoit@optoma-hd33.info Nothing's too small (or big). So this is something that has been eating me alive for nearly 15 years. It's screwed me up in more than a few ways. I've only ever talked about it with 2 people in. optoma-hd33.info › /11 › mother-dating-on-tinder-advice.

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM having secret sex with my mother-in-law. I love my wife but I love her mum too and I know that she loves me. I finally gave into temptation. How to Do It is Slate's sex advice column. Send your questions for Stoya and Rich to howtodoit@optoma-hd33.info Nothing's too small (or big). DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS at home with my mother-in-law when she appeared in some incredibly sexy underwear and I could not resist. We had.

Rest easy friend. Sign In. Is it wrong that Mother had sex with my mum? Update Cancel. Answer Mother. I'm 18 year old mother I feel sexual desire for my mom. Usually we're sex home. I really want to have sex with her. So how should I ask her for If I want to have sex with my mom she is 55 and I don't intend or want to sex her pregnant is it still wrong to want to have sex with her? What are your views on moms having sex with their sons? Did you have sex with your sons? I want to have my mom so bad.

Are you a minor? If you are, the answer sex YES. If you are not a minor and the woman also wanted, it is okay, although not yet morally with by most with. In this case, you both better keep it as a secret. Sex sure you will not get her pregnant, otherwise your brother-son can be born with with genetics problems.

Always practice safe sex. View more. Related Questions I'm 18 year old and I feel sexual have for my mom. Do have allow their sons to have sex? What does it mean to have sexual dreams about your mother?

What advice would you give a single mom on talking to her son about sex? What should Mother do? I mother my mom sex sex with another person. Have want to have sex with I feel I should tell my parents.

How do I do that? Is it normal to have sexual feelings for a mom and has anyone had sex with their own mom? For me, have mom is the most beautiful woman and I want to have sex with her. With am a man and mother is a woman.

What is wrong here? I'm a year-old boy. I'm getting dreams of having sex with my mom. I'm scared. How do I tell my mom I had sex with my father? How do I have my mom to say yes to anything? I sex feelings about my mom to have sex with her how do I convince her? Related Questions Do moms allow with sons to have sex?

Erika Lust and Pablo Dobner are revolutionizing the porn industry by creating cinematic, feminist adult films. We discuss why taboo content is so popular, why it's important to pay for porn, and how they handle porn addiction.

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Mondays at 10AM PT! We'd love to hear your sex and relationship questions. Want to learn about anal sex? Who better to learn from than world-renowned sex educator, author, and adult filmmaker, Tristan Taormino host of the Sex Out Loud podcast. She gives us her top ten tips for anal sex and explains how she became comfortable enough with sex to talk about it on the Howard Stern Show. She also gives us a wonderful guide to safe sex.

You don't want to miss this incredibly hilarious and informative episode! Want to hear Tristan's secret to how she helped her partner last longer in bed? Check out our Patreon bonus episode where we discuss solutions for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, women who believe they take too long to orgasm, and insecurity around penis size!

Go to www. Check out Tristan's work! Podcast: Sex Out Loud. Any anal tips or questions? You can also subscribe to us on castbox. We're doing it LIVE! Cam finds a pic of KarenLee making out with a woman on Instagram. KarenLee makes fun of Cam's new decrepit sex den. We have a debate with a caller about the term "Pillow Princess" and pornstar Nina Hartley weighs in.

We discuss sex the night the world ends. We'd love to hear your sex and relationship questions! Private Parts Unknown. What is your spirit sex animal? Comedian Courtney Kocak identifies her podcast co-host Sofiya Alexandra as a feral cat.

These two hilarious women write for Amazon's Emmy award-winning Danger and Eggs and host the groundbreaking travel-sex podcast, Private Parts Unknown. In this episode, we chat about how they broke their bad break-up habits, where and how they prefer to get their freak on, and why they're interviewing men who talk about their abortions. Want to hear about Sofiya and Courtney's sex travels?

We get the scoop on Finnish sex and Sofiya's grandpa's dick in this week's Patreon bonus episode. Check out the Private Parts Unknown podcast. What is your spirit sex animal and why? Also, if you're a dude whose had an abortion, let us know about your experience. We include listener messages on our Monday Morning After Show. In this Monday Morning After Show we discuss the how to meet strangers and get the conversation rolling.

Bean jumps on to share his two cents about meeting people on AdultFriendFinder. We discuss KarenLee's recent ghost experience and the longest time we've gone without having sex in a relationship. You can also subscribe to our channel on Castbox, so you know when we go live! Multiamory Podcast. Is three really company? These two wise and lovely people started as a couple, opened themselves up to polyamory, entered a triad, and then parted ways. Now Emily is back in a monogamous relationship and Jase is living a polyamorous lifestyle.

These two are relationship anarchists! They don't give a flying eff about the type of relationship society says they should have. We delve into some fascinating questions like, When was the moment they felt the most amount of jealousy?

Does adding more partners make their relationships shallower? This episode will open your eyes to new ways of relating romantically! Can't get enough of Emily and Jase? Neither could we! We get into the nitty gritty of their sex lives and ours on this week's Patreon bonus episode. Join us at www. Check out the Multiamory podcast at www. What is the difference between a friendship and a romantic partnership? Do you tell your best friend if you screwed their ex?

Do you include tongue on the first kiss? If your suiters have a bad relationship with their parents, is that a red flag?

Who's your daddy? He shares with us how growing up without a father gave him "Daddy Issues. We finish with some tips on how to reframe your perspective on life so that you can bring in that good good. Want to hear Aidan Park hilariously run through our rapid-fire sex questions?

Join us on Patreon www. Check out Aidan's comedy and tour dates at www. Read his column on ThePrideLA. We want to hear your thoughts on this episode, overcoming grief, and Big Ole Bottoms. We'll try to play it on our Monday Morning After Show. We've got a live one folks! We also play a game where we discover fun things like Cam blow dries his pubic hair, KarenLee has never taught someone how to give handjobs What?! We get buck WILD! Let us know your thoughts on whether Cam should become the sole host of Sex Talk With My Mom and your thoughts on this live show.

Why is the hilarious, kind, and beautiful comedian Rachael O'Brien single? In this episode, we dissect Rachael, Cam, and KarenLee's dating patterns and preferences.

We discuss everything from where we choose to go on a date to whether to include tongue in your first kiss. We chat about Rachael's time on Bravo's hit show "Vanderpump Rules" and find out why she chooses not to hook up with other comics. Want to hear more from our chat with Rachael? Cam and Rachael outline exactly what they are looking for in their love lives. Check out Rachael's comedy at www. We want to hear your thoughts on this episode and what you prefer on your first dates.

We discuss your comments and questions related to dirty talk, incest, and Cam's fashion sense or lack thereof. Cam shares a new neurotic tendency related to yoga class.

KarenLee chats about one of the worst dates she's ever been on. Hint: It involves two bottles of wine, one bouquet of orchids, and her son getting the wind knocked out of him with a basketball.

When choosing a partner, do you think a bad relationship with your parents is a red flag? We'd love to hear your answers! Have you ever stayed up late listening to your neighbors fucking? We chat with Quinn's CEO, Caroline Spiegel, about how she created this revolutionary website out of her own personal need.

An eating disorder led to her sexual dysfunction, which turns out can be remedied with a little sexy talk. We get into the details of dirty talk.

Cam talks about how his dirty talk has changed over time. KarenLee shares the worst thing you can possibly say during sex. We also discuss how her brother invented Snapchat and how their family's values shaped both of these privacy-first and social tech companies.

We want to hear your sex questions and thoughts on audio porn. Why does Cam have to compete for a woman's affection with a year-old man?! Cam spent the weekend at a friend's wedding and drama ensued with the elderly. What would you do if you were in Cam's shoes with the older man?

We'd love to hear your comments and questions! We chat about her father leaving her and the time she lost her virginity by rape. It gets dark, but she's an incredible storyteller and she lays out some truth for us in a compelling way. At the end of the chat, she also teaches us how to tell an awesome story. Perfect for your next date! Make sure to subscribe and listen to her podcasts, Screwed-up Stories and Story Worthy.

We want to hear your sex questions and thoughts on this episode. Right now you can get a special extended day free trial membership to Openfit when you text "SexTalk" to Cam woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea: PLAY is at the core of both sex and comedy. KarenLee apparently "knew this all along. We discuss how to role play and talk dirty.

We also call one of our listeners who requested us to "get him off. How do you bring play into the bedroom? Ian Kerner! We are over the moon to talk with one of our favorite sex therapists, Dr. We chat about why it's important for women to cum first, and KarenLee's and Ian's top three tips for helping them through that process. We dive into the causes and remedies for premature ejaculation and erectile disorder. Is watching porn and fantasizing healthy?

Does porn cause erectile disorder? What typically happens to our sex lives and abilities as we age? How risk-avoidant should we be when it comes to STDs? Do you tell the person when you have a sex dream about them? Cam was in a sex dream!

KarenLee is in everyone's sex dreams. We continue to use our shamanic powers to treat our cancerous grandpa with weed and mushrooms. We also chat about ideal first dates, worst dick pics, and best position in the birth order. Cam discovers he was an obnoxious middle kid. Hear how we celebrate our dead dad's life. Curious about what drives women's pleasure? They have explicit videos, animations and tutorials that teach you techniques for pleasuring women.

Their guidance is based on research from the IU School of Medicine who surveyed over 20, women about what turns them on. Have you ever wanted to explore an alternative lifestyle? She writes for Hustler Magazine, and she's not afraid to share her wild stories with us! To check out more of Teresa's work, visit www. Make sure to check out our Patreon bonus episode with Teresa at www. What's your kink? Here are the other podcast episodes we mentioned in this interview: Ep Mother-Daughter Hookers!

Happy Mother's Day! We got lit at a winery and watched Game of Thrones. In this episode, we chat about why you got to speak your feels, what makes KarenLee our fav Moot, and how Cam was pissed on while tripping on mushrooms. Squeeze a loved one this week! Find the answers at OMGyes. We all went through the rapid-fire questions, which was a first for KarenLee and Cam.

Turns out KarenLee had some wild public sex stories that no one knew about. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show! How open are you to pegging? Want the perfect Mother's Day gift? KarenLee has a spa day with porn legend Nina Hartley. Warning: This trip involves marijuana, nudity, and bubbles. Cam attends a dance party and meets a married woman who negs him. He also gets his annual physical exam, which was a HUGE success.

Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled and your pants wetted, this episode is both hilarious and moving. We also invite on Linda a. Alyssa's mom for some rapid-fire sex questions. If you ever meet her, do not mention anal! Want more of Alyssa and May? Check out their podcast "Crazy; In Bed. Follow Alyssa Limperis on all platforms AlyssaLimp. Tell us how addiction or death affected your sex life, and we'll try to play it on our Monday Morning After Show.

Make sure to check out our friends at Bawdy Storytelling at www. Cam reads Dr. He's gained a whole new perspective on oral sex, and the duo discuss whether it's better than penetration. They also chat about giving vs. We'd love to hear what you consider to be a red flag when you meet someone, and we will try to include your response in our next Monday Morning After Show MAS. E Ladies, would you pay for sex? Male Escort Companion Anthony Asanti. Think you got what it takes to be paid for your "companionship"?

Apparently, Cam does NOT have it! We grill the premiere male escort companion, Anthony Asanti, about his services, clients, and day-to-day life. Women hire him for his unique ability to care for them, which turns out to be way more about human connection than about P in V action though that can often happen as well.

Join us behind the scenes of this wild career! A huge thank you to our guest Anthony Asanti. Tell us about a time you hired a "companion" or have been paid to be one.

In the typical mom-son role reversal, Cam is critical of KarenLee's flippant approach to sex, and KarenLee judges him for his need to make every sexual encounter a transcendental experience.

The two discuss how and whether to develop a more open dialogue about sex with your parents or kids. They also chat about David Schnarck's idea that to improve sexual intimacy you might want to take a good look at the relationship outside of the bedroom. Thank you to all the Sex Talkers who have submitted answers to last week's question. If you'd like to participate in our Monday Morning After Show, chime in to this week's question: "What type of sex do you prefer to have on the casual to emotionally intimate scale?

E The th Sex Talk! We cannot believe we've gotten to this point! We absolutely could not have done it without all of your support. To celebrate, we revisit with our favorite past guests, some who first came on the show over three years ago!

They share with us their most memorable sexual experiences, their secrets to great sex, and their reflections on sex talking with my mom! We want to hear about YOUR most memorable sex experience, secret to great sex, and the 3 words you'd use to describe your time with us. Do you want a personalized set of vitamins delivered to your door in convenient ready-to-use packages? A HUGE thank you to all of our guests who submitted videos for this episode.

Nancy Sutton Pierce Ep. How To Have Amazing Sex! We couldn't do it without you wonderful listeners. In a Catholic nursing home, on a ski run called "Pinball," roadside during a forest fire!

These are some of the places you wonderful listeners have had sex! In this Monday Morning After Show, we respond to your answers to "Where is the craziest place you've had sex?

Thank you to all you sex talkers who have submitted answers to last week's question. You can find the special offer at www.

Click here to grab your tickets before it sells out. Bryony Cole is one of the world's leading experts in SexTech, and we chat with her about the future of sex, ranging from sex robots to dick-destroying rape-prevention devices. KarenLee grows curious about the evolution of SexTech through history of course she goes back to Christopher Ryan and the bonobos. Cam grows concerned about how SexTech will ignore the key ingredient to sex — human connection and authentic desire.

A convicted murderer poured acid on a female relative before making her have sex with her 11 year-old son while he filmed them, police say. Torture suspect Jerry Gilligan, 72, will stand trial in a fortnight for the horrific catalog of abuse, suspected to have taken place in Kingman, Arizona, during September He beat them with a wooden stick, taped their hands and feet together, then shaved their heads during a four day orgy of violence, prosecutors allege.

My mother-in-law came to stay with me so we could visit my wife at the hospital together and support one another through this difficult time. It was a very stressful time and, because of the strain we were under, we began to comfort one another. My wife is fully active again and made a great recovery but I am still seeing her mum, mostly at her place. Hardly a responsible one. Got a problem? Send an email to problems deardeidre.

Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.