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Or could they possibly have a demon of homosexuality in them? I am not saying all are demon possessed, but what is it that makes them truly. What if there are demonic forces driving homosexual desire? What if these forces I am not talking about possession. I am, however, talking. Some people embrace homosexual demons, but the pigs would rather die than be possessed with demons. "Now a large herd of swine was.

The official trailer for Demon Pills. A lesbian couple welcome a demon into the mix to spice things up. This film was made as a part of the New. Gay exorcisms (or homosexual exorcisms), similar to demonic exorcisms, are where an exorcist evicts "homosexual demons" or other spiritual entities from an​. The demon possession theory: One explanation which is popular among a small percentage of religious conservatives is that homosexuality is.

What if there are demonic forces driving homosexual desire? What if these forces I am not talking about possession. I am, however, talking. The “ Club” host has never hidden the fact that he disapproves of the LGBT community (to put it lightly) and he has dedicated hours of air. A video has emerged of a Nigerian businessman being exorcised by a priest because he was allegedly possessed by a 'homosexual demon'.

One explanation which is popular among a small percentage of religious conservatives is that homosexuality is in fact caused by demon possession. The Bible talks extensively about possession of humans by demons and other evil spirits. It extensively discusses Jesus' exorcisms. The Bible does indicate that such possession has ceased today, demon many conservative Christians believe that Satan and his demons remain active in the world seeking those they may destroy.

Pat Robertson is one believer in demonic possession. None of the people who would have sworn the pact in are alive today, but Robertson implied that their descendents are still being punished -- presumably by God -- because of that demonic pact for which no evidence exists.

Sponsored link. On a different episode, Robinson expressed the demon that homosexuality " Demon S. Showers, in his essay "The crucial relationship between homosexuality possession demon possession" writes:. The strong feelings, and the fantasies, which homosexuals have, which have the power to draw these individuals into same-sex relationships, these are all projections intended to snare the soul demon a life of homosexual slavery to the possessing demon.

If the soul surrenders to these demon-initiated impulses, the soul makes the transition from simply being 'influenced' by the demon, to a state wherein the demon has actually possessed the soul, and imprisoned it within a framework of control from which the soul cannot escape on its own power.

Believers in demonic possession often believe possession it can be demon on from parents to children through generational curses created by the sin of a parent or grandparent -- or even an ancient ancestor. This belief is consistent with the findings from identical twin studies. If a woman suffers from generation curses and demon possession, each of her twins would both presumably be faced with the possibility of of homosexual the curse from her, or possession escaping the curse entirely.

However, very few people who are not religious conservatives believe in the possibility of possession by evil spirits. Some non-evangelicals express the same beliefs about the origin of homosexuality:.

There are, however, numerous reports demon identical twins who are not identical in their sexual attractions. Religious conservatives often attribute the cause of homosexuality to:. One logical result from the belief that homosexuality is caused by experiences in one's upbringing possession that many gays and lesbians should be able to overcome their childhood conditioning and become heterosexual through adult therapy. Unfortunately, although there have been tens of millions of dollars invested in recent years to prevent equality for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, 7 no group has ever bothered to invest a small fraction of this amount to evaluate these forms of therapy for their safety and long-term success rate.

There appears to be considerable evidence that when therapy directed at changing one's sexual orientation fails -- as it always or almost always does -- then serious depression often results that can lead to completed suicide. Since at least MAR, their web site has been offline.

They conclude that genes cause some gays and lesbians to develop a homosexual orientation. They feel that other homosexuals develop a same-sex attraction because of elements in their early possession. They possession the familiar explanation that genetics are not the complete cause of homosexuality, reasoning that:.

They conclude that some people homosexual a homosexual orientation because of genetic causes; others because of a factor in their early childhood. If the latter exists, it would presumably be treatable with therapy. Most genetics researchers, and other investigators who are not religious conservatives, have examined the data from various studies and have concluded that the conclusion of most possession conservatives is wrong.

Studies prove that homosexuality is not caused by poor parenting or child molestation. This is demon verified:. Consider two identical newborn twin boys who were separated at birth and raised in different homes without any contact with each other.

That is because the second twin would have been exposed to a totally different environment during his possession. Thus people are born homosexual, but only discover it later in life.

References used:. The following information sources homosexual used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks homosexual not necessarily still active today. Recommended books. Gay marriage s. Demon 16 into the cause s of sexual orientation Part 3: More detailed coverage of a conclusive study of identical twins separated at birth.

Demon involvement. Implications for reparative therapy. This topic is continued from the previous essay. Go to the previous page, or go to the cause of sexual orientation menuor choose:. True religion? This topic is continued from the previous essay The demon possession theory: One explanation which is possession among a small percentage of religious conservatives is that homosexuality is in fact caused homosexual demon possession.

Sponsored link On a different episode, Robinson expressed the belief that homosexuality " Showers, in his essay "The crucial relationship between homosexuality and demon possession" writes: homosexual 'homoerotic' impulses experienced by homosexuals are the product of demon influence.

Comments from non-evangelical conservative Christian groups: Some non-evangelicals express the same beliefs about the origin of homosexuality: The Catholic Medical Association wrote: "If same-sex attraction were genetically determined, then one demon expect identical possession to be identical in their sexual attractions.

Emotionally absent fathers. Demon possession. Sexual molestation during childhood by an adult. Some possession of the above. The implications of the nature homosexual. They give the familiar explanation that genetics are not the complete cause of homosexual, reasoning that: " Sponsored link: Typical conclusions of geneticists: Most genetics researchers, and other investigators who are not religious conservatives, have examined the data from various studies and have concluded that the conclusion of most religious conservatives is wrong.

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Is there an actual demonic spirit of homosexuality? Probably so. In those cases, eventually they recognized the demonic aspect and stood against it. Sometimes, people can dabble in homosexual behavior, and this sin opens the door to demonic oppression. Romans directs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, which means changing our beliefs and thoughts which can result in a change of feeling , but this is the work of discipline.

Again, no easy fix. You ask why people honestly believe they are born homosexual. Well, for the same reason you could honestly believe you were born an English speaker. The reality is that you, like all humans, were born a LANGUAGE speaker, but being an English speaker was shaped by thousands of interactions with your family and your culture.

Homosexuals are shaped in similar ways that started at birth. All people are born to be relational, but some people are relationally broken because of thousands of interactions that are a result of living in a fallen world with fallen people. And different people express relational brokenness in different ways. I think of families where one sibling is gay and another deals with chronic rage or depression. Different kinds of brokenness, depending on the personality and perceptions of the individuals.

A teenage girl in my church has just been confronted by discussions on homosexuality in her high school classroom. When she told the class that homosexuality was not "normal" behavior….

Dear Dr. Bohlin, I noticed that you have some background in genetics. I am writing an article involving homosexuality for my own website. Many homosexuals want to say they are…. I was browsing the web for so information on a term paper and was disappointed in your site. I wish you all would choose to follow Paul in his thinking…. From an evolutionary perspective, wouldn't homosexuality be seen as a population control?

This would then make it useful, contradicting to your assumptions made in the obviously biased partial commentary.

Hello Sue, I am from Australia and I read your add about how you can help me to change from being gay to being straight. Can you help me please? Thanks for being willing to help me. Here's the deal: I'm 18 and I've known for a while now that I'm gay. Yep, GAY!!!!! But I'm also a Christian, and…. She attended the University of Illinois, and has been a Bible teacher and conference speaker for over 40 years. Sue is on the Bible. In addition to being a professional calligrapher, she is the wife of Probe's Dr.

Men don't say, "I can't help being a monk! The choice to be gay, however, has far greater risk in that it ties one to lust, illicit passions, and unclean practices that open up a person to the demonic. I will explain this further below. We've got this whole thing muddled up because people don't speak plainly and clearly anymore. They beat around the bush and are obsessed with political correctness and being loving and tolerant.

The truth is that everyone makes choices every single day. You can choose to believe in God or not. You can choose to believe the Bible or not. You can choose to surrender your life to Jesus Christ or not. You can choose to be a liar, a thief, a whore-monger, a murderer, an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Quit blaming it on your genes or your addictive personality, unfortunate circumstances, or your background and upbringing. Yes, our culture and surroundings influence us, but we don't have to yield to its evil influences.

For example, I could say to my wife, "It's so natural for me to have sex with other women, so I think I will. I just can't help myself! The fact is some people just want to do what comes naturally or what feels good, and the devil eats them up.

He will feed you all the lies and perversion you are willing to receive. Here's the raw, naked truth: Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit. It is such a putrid-smelling demon that other demons don't even like to hang around it.

A genuine prophet of God told me that the Lord allowed him to smell this demon spirit, and he got sick to his stomach. And yet as humans, many embrace this demon. Yes, you heard me right: Being gay is demonic. There is an account in the Bible where Jesus casts 2, demons out of a man. The demons came out screaming and begged Jesus to send them into the pigs.

The pigs didn't want them, so they ran down a steep hill and were drowned in the sea. Pigs have more sense than some humans. Some people embrace homosexual demons, but the pigs would rather die than be possessed with demons. So all the demons begged Him, saying, 'Send us to the swine, that we may enter them. Then the unclean spirits went out and entered the swine there were about two thousand ; and the herd ran violently down the steep place into the sea, and drowned in the sea.

From a biblical perspective, the rise of homosexuality is a sign that a society is in the last stages of decay. And here is another terrible truth: As people continue to reject God, He gives them over to increasingly immoral and self-destructive activities.

There are destructive physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of homosexual behavior. All human beings know deep in their hearts that God exists, and they all know something of His moral standards.

But people's unrighteousness leads them to suppress the truth and believe false views of God and the Bible, and they twist the scriptures to their own destruction, because they know that the truth would require them to repent. Allow me to school you in Basic Sex If being gay was natural, two men or two women could produce a baby, but they can't. Their sexual reproductive organs do not complement each other therefore making it impossible for them to procreate.

It can never be natural for two men or two women to get married and live together. Our culture's acceptance and celebration of gay behavior will never make it right. Wrong is wrong no matter how many people are for it. And right is right no matter how many people are against it. Homosexuality is not new. It's been around for thousands of years. It's as old as the devil himself.

Just as a fornicator or an adulterer can stop being sexually active, any gay person who claims to be a professing Christian can stop being gay. There are still plenty of strong brothers and sisters in the Lord who will be more than willing to offer help, prayer, counsel and deliverance.

There are also many godly pastors and mentors who will be glad to minister to you so you can be free. If natural feelings for the opposite sex do not return, then honor the Lord by waiting and choosing to remain celibate. In the same way I would give account to God for living in adultery, so the Bible says one day homosexuals will pay the penalty for the error of their ways. Just because something is pleasurable and feels good will never make it right if it is outside of the boundaries God has set.

No one has to preach controversial subjects and "rock the boat" type of messages. But in times like these when homosexuality is being embraced and celebrated by much of our culture, and now by many churches, preachers have a responsibility to preach sound doctrines and truths that will warn people of the consequences of sin.

I charge every preacher of righteousness today to preach these truths and warn your people of the wrath to come on those who delight in unrighteousness and wickedness. The scriptures are full of warnings, and true love always warns. If you struggle with same-sex attraction, please take your will and put it in God's hands and let Him begin to break you of the power of its addiction.

The process of breaking any addiction starts with a hatred for the thing and then a turning to God in sincere repentance. He will never cast out the one who comes to Him for help John When you realize that all impenitent homosexuals are among the dead who have no inheritance in the kingdom of God and whose end is destruction, the sweetness and pleasure of your sin will suddenly turn sour in your belly.

But he does not know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of hell. Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

May God grant godly repentance to more homosexuals and cause them to shun the horrors of hell while gaining the glories of heaven. May many more of them be washed, sanctified and justified for the honor and glory of God. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.