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Frustratingly, here in the UK, we're still waiting for the third season to Masters of Sex isn't just another run-of-the-mill series drawing on lazy. Brit Michael Sheen stars in this drama based on real research into sexual dysfunction in the latter half of the twentieth century. No longer airing on More4 or​. Masters of Sex (–). Episode List Dr. Masters recruits Virginia Johnson to be his secretary, but she quickly advances to be a valuable .. Amazon UK.

MASTERS OF SEX stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, who portray the The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of. In the months since the first series of Masters of Sex aired on Channel 4, its reputation has swollen. Initially suspected as a wannabe Mad Men. Masters of Sex recap: season one, episode two – Race to Space for people watching the first series of Masters of Sex at UK broadcast pace.

Masters of Sex (–). Episode List Dr. Masters recruits Virginia Johnson to be his secretary, but she quickly advances to be a valuable .. Amazon UK. Masters of Sex is an American period drama television series that premiered on September 29, . it debuted on SoHo on October 23, Virgin Media acquired the UK rights for Masters of Sex and it started airing on September 21, MASTERS OF SEX stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, who portray the The series chronicles the unusual lives, romance and pop culture trajectory of.

Masters of Sex E1 episodes About Episode Guide. Video clips are automatically supplied by broadcasters and distributors. Why would a woman do such a thing? Eppisodes American drama set in the s, chronicling the lives of two pioneering researchers who paved the way for the sexual revolution while struggling with their own issues of success, betrayal and jealousy.

William Masters Michael Sheena doctor at Washington University in St Louis, runs a medical practice by day and episodes a secret study episodea human sexuality by sex. Former nightclub singer Virginia Johnson Lizzy Caplan is recruited to the secretarial staff at the hospital and soon proves to episodes a valuable asset to Masters' work.

Virginia Johnson Lizzy Caplan. Ethan Wex Nicholas D'Agosto. Libby Masters Caitlin FitzGerald. Sex Scully Beau Bridges. Dr Austin Langham Teddy Sears. Jane Martin Helene Yorke. Episode Annaleigh Ashford. Pam Kandis Erickson. Shirley Susan-Kate Masters. Henry Johnson Cole Sand. Lois Tupps Masters Marie Larson. Hasidic man Alan Gray. Full Episode Guide. Channel epiwodes to make an epic spy thriller set just after the Second World Masters called Jerusalem. Which are the best TV show masters Why you should watch Masters of Sex.

Sarah Silverman cast in Masters of Sex. Golden Globes who are the British nominees to watch? Masters of Sex season two confirmed 23 Oct. The many faces of Michael Sheen 22 Oct. Masters of Sex: Did the researchers find joy sex the episodes

Libby Masters Caitlin FitzGerald. Barton Scully Beau Bridges. Dr Austin Langham Teddy Sears. Jane Martin Helene Yorke. Betty Annaleigh Ashford. Pam Kandis Erickson. Shirley Susan-Kate Heaney. Henry Johnson Cole Sand. Lois Tupps Linda Marie Larson. Hasidic man Alan Gray. Full Episode Guide. Channel 4 to make an epic spy thriller set just after the Second World War called Jerusalem.

Which are the best TV show credits? Why you should watch Masters of Sex. William Masters is a doctor working at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Masters is a brilliant researcher in the field of fertility but is also working on a more pioneering project: the first-ever detailed study of the biology of human sexuality. With his superiors scandalised by the project, Masters recruits singer-turned-secretary Virginia Johnson to assist him.

Masters of Sex is a show based around an interesting, but surely limited, premise: what happened when the first American doctor tried to investigate the real biological processes involved during sex? Given this was the mids when homosexuality was still illegal, censors had a big problem with Elvis Presley's hips and society was dumbfounded when a woman expressed a desire to have a career, the answer is scandal, outrage and secrecy. It took a full decade for Masters and Johnson to finally publish their findings in the more liberal and free-swingin' s, as they waited for society to catch up to the point where it could handle the facts their study revealed.

As the show starts that's a far bit off in the future. Instead, it initially comes across as a sexier version of Mad Men, with the furnishings, fashions and cars of the s recreated with impeccable precision and the mores and limitations of society of the time evoked and then cast down thanks to the freedom of cable television, namely nudity and sex. You may have gathered from the premise that there's a lot flesh on display in this series and this is the case, although probably nowhere near as much as some were expecting.

Masters of Sex is a show about sex and desire, but it's even more about the impact it has on people, its use as a motivation or goal and the hypocrisises of a society that is both defined by it but also likes to pretend it doesn't exist. These complexities are realised fully by the actors.

We already knew that Michael Sheen was one of the best actors of his generation, but just in case there was any doubt he completely knocks it out of the park in his portrayal of Masters. Masters is a buttoned-up figure who is a lot more complex and conflicted than it first appears.

He proclaims his belief that sex is a purely biological process with scientific processes behind it and that love and emotion does not necessarily play a role, but he then expresses disgust with the notion of homosexuality something the triggers some later self-analysis and develops problems separating his own feelings from the work. He has a difficult relationship with his wife Libby a soulful performance by Caitlin Fitzgerald , being cold and distant despite her warmth and attentiveness, but develops an interest in Virgina when she earns his respect through applying herself to the study in a serious manner.

Sheen does sterling work throughout the series, making Masters constantly sympathetic and understandable even when he's acting like an insensitive fool which is about two-thirds of the time. Playing against him and more than holding her own is Lizzy Caplan.

Caplan has been building up a good body of work in supporting roles in various projects over the last decade or so, but Masters of Sex is finally the big break-out role she was waiting for.

Virginia Johnson is a modern woman trapped in the wrong time period: a young woman forced by circumstance separating from her boorish, unreliable boyfriend and the father of her two children and will into developing a career of her own at a time when this was extremely rare. Johnson's role is contrasted against that of Dr. DePaul Julianne Nicholson , a woman who has made it in the male-dominated world of medicine but only at the expense of having any kind of family life and still struggles to get respect or her projects funded.

Initially the two women develop an adversarial relationship, but later on find themselves joining forces, united in their exasperation of the world. A galaxy of fine supporting actors prop up the central cast. Beau Bridges is the sort of actor you call on to appear as an avuncular authority figure, which he does well here as the university provost and Masters's mentor, but the writers then make him a closeted gay man struggling with his identity and with his relationship with his wife and daughter.

It's a more angsty role than it first appears and Bridges plays it to the hilt, seemingly enjoying stretching his range. Allison Janney gives a terrific performance as his wife, who is initially horrified at discovering her husband's infidelity but then feels liberated by it to pursue her own life. It's deftly-characterised and filmed with real attention to period detail.

It's also extremely funny at times, gut-wrenchingly tragic at others and always fascinating to watch. It also ties with Game of Thrones for the best title sequence currently on television. I am totally addicted to this series and can't wait to move on to season two. All the characters are complex and realistic and, for the most part, very likeable. With each episode we learn more about their personalities, passions and desires and although Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan dominate the proceedings with their excellent turns as sex researchers Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson, there isn't a weak link in the cast and every storyline is heartfelt and engrossing.

From the secret homosexuality of the provost of the university hospital the great Beau Bridges to the desperation of Masters' unsympathetic female colleague Dr DePaul Julianne Nicholson to get backing for her cervical screening programme, we are made to care for each character and get involved with their struggles.

Beautifully realised, sophisticated, grown-up entertainment. Watch it! One person found this helpful. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. I wish all seasons were available on Amazon Prime like the 1st 2, Dr Masters as a character gets on my nerves so far but what he and Johnson did for science was revolutionary and I like that aspect of the show a lot.

The pacing can be boring but overall it's intriguing. Sound and picture are excellent for dvd,subtitles available.

The first is very good,though a little slow in pace. Sunday afternoon rather than Friday night. Based very loosely on fact,commendable to change the story into serialised tv.

Some bad language and mild sex and nudity. Set in the 50's;so looks fabulous. Good acting,solid story. This is a very well made series and well acted especially Liizzy Caplan fits the sexy part so well - she is gorgeous.

Michael Sheen as Bill Masters is outstanding, I would like to think that he has captured the real Dr. Masters completely. Very stylishly filmed. Really enjoyed this. Very stylishly filmed, with some great performances, and certainly evokes the period or at least what I imagine that era to be. Very interesting how the attitude to women is shown. Everything must have been easier when sexism was not only normal but mandatory. I really enjoyed this DVD box set as it was just what I was looking for.

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