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Ross didn't get the annulment. Friends Ftiends Special. Cancel your plans and make a date with Friends for our Valentine's Special.

Hearts are spilt and srx are revealed as things get extra friendly between the friends, and one or two significant others. Starts Sunday 8am. Celebrate friends chick and the duck in this Easter special. Tune in Easter Sunday and Monday from 8am for two days of avian antics.

Did you know Friends is coming to Comedy Central? Just in case you didn't, watch our freinds sing-a-long promo and friendds send it to all your friends to spread the message. Warning: It's catchy! Phoebe tells Mike about her name change. So he decides to change his to Crap Bag - it's fun, it's different, no one else has a name like that Ross' Quiet Down Thing. Joey and Chandler want Ross out vidwo he taped friennds Joey's Baywatch tape with some bug thing.

What if that had been porn?! Baby and Bird Locked in a Death Grip. Sex out of the apartment, Rachel worries that Emma could jump out of her crib. Ross doesn't help matters. Smelly Cat videoo The Music Video. Phoebe watches her Smelly Friends video back for the first time unaware that she's been dubbed over by somebody that's actually talented Ross teaches Phoebe to ride her bike. Ross helps Phoebe rides her bike but makes the fatal mistake of letting go of her.

It's a legitimate learning technique! Phoebe meets Precious. Phoebe gives some tough love to Precious and tells her about Mike's recent trip to Barbados to propose to her. He is kind of a wang Ross and Rachel's first kiss. Rachel stands up to the mean lady at the launderette and celebrates by planting on on Ross' mouth. Ross's gift to Rachel. Chandler slips up and mentions to Rachel about the last time Ross spent loads on a birthday present for the woman he was in love with Rachel keeps the things friends matter.

Rachel may exchange gifts sometimes but she friends the things that matter - including 1 million year old dinosaur fossils. It's the morning after the night before when Ross and Rachel wake up next to each other firends they can't remember a thing, except that they laughed a lot.

Three divorces, three divorces! Phoebe hails a taxi for Rachel while she talks to Ross about him not getting sex annulment. Thanksgiving Floating Heads. After turning up late, the 'floating heads' plea with Monica to let them in to enjoy Thanksgiving together - after all it's a date for forgiveness right? Monica is run off her feet making candy for her neighbours but they can't even tell Chandler her name. Joey gives some advice to Ben ahead of their respective commerical auditions.

He really should concentrate on his own problems Phoebe's selfless good deed. Phoebe calls Video after letting a bee sting her. Dex selfless good deed after all - rriends it probably died right after The girls take Chandler to a strip club. Chandler experiences the strip club like never before when the girls take him video to cheer him rriends.

Joey's killed off from Days of Our Lives. Joey tries to audition for a part with his hernia but relieving video of the pain makes him look, well, slightly criminal shall we say. Damn you fifteens! Chandler finds Joey on the floor video a workout with something sex sticking out of his stomach. A startling discovery. Rachel and Monica turn up to Ross' lecture and hear him speaking in a weird British accent. Oh bloody 'ell! Phoebe taking care of the triplets. Phoebe takes her eye off the babies for two seconds and Leslie sxe Monica and the Vaporub.

Monica concedes that she's sick but Chandler won't help her with her vaporub. So she friends it in front of him Does Rachel video something more? Rachel, aware that she's friends totally unreasonable asks Ross sex frisnds sex anyone else. Amazingly he agrees but asks her frienfs she wants something more from their relationship. Monica finds her dress in the sale.

Armed with whistles, the girls look for Monica's friehds wedding dress in the bargain sale. Phoebe drops the lottery tickets. Phoebe can't stand the bickering so she takes drastic action with the lottery tickets to make the friends see sense Ross gets his T-Shirt back.

Rachel calls Ross over so she can give him back his stuff. But he wants it all - even his Frankie Video Relax T-shirt. This is Thanksgiving not 'Truth Day'. Joey wets Tall Guy's pants. When 'Tall Guy' doesn't listen to reason, Joey has no choice but to make the guy look like he's pissed himself.

Joey and Janine kissed it up real nice. Joey runs to tell the gang that he just kissed Janine Elle MacPherson Joey and Chandler's gas station gifts. Times are lean for Joey and Chandler who get their Friends gifts from a gas station. Night of the Living Dead Christmas Tree. Monica and Joey have a surprise for Phoebe. Phoebe and the Christmas tree chipper. Phoebe discovers what happens to sex old Vidfo trees. They face the chipper and it's not as happy as it sounds Vjdeo of things rhyme with Rachel.

Phoebe's having trouble with her Christmas song because nothing rhymes with Rachel. Phoebe's Christmas charity. Friende sex moved to a less high profile area after becoming less than cheery while asking for Christmas charity. Joey attemps to play guitar - again.

Video apologises to Phoebe for calling her teaching methods stupid who, fickle as she is, lets him sex her guitar again Ross and Mona have 'The Talk'. After Mona asks Ross where their relationship is going, Ross sums vido up with 'We're having fun, you look young' Chandler's third nipple freaks out Ginger. One-legged Ginger discovers Chandler's 'nubbin' and doesn't take it too well. Chandler acting like a girl. Chandler hasn't had a smoke since listening to Rachel's tapes frjends they have had a strange side effect.

Chandler tells Doug to quit the butt-slapping. Chandler's had enough of being congratulated on the behind and tells Doug enough friends enough. Chandler begs Monica to take friends down a frkends in their tennis match with his boss. Needless to say she doesn't 'play ball'. A note from the beyond. Monica tries to make Chandler cry. He won't even shed one tiny tear if she dies The robot!

If anyone can Ross can. Monica's boots hurt so much. Monica puts on a brave face in front of Chandler as her boots slowly fill with her blood.

Monica invades her cleaner's private space. Convinced her cleaner has stolen her jeans, Monica moves in for a closer look. Monica gets a Porsche. Feeling terrible about destroying all of Monica's childhood memories, Jack hands over the keys to his Porsche to her.

Chandler wins the table tennis. Monica and Mike are at sudden death when she injures herself so Chandler steps in to win the victory. Star student Monica. Monica impresses the cookery teacher and gets to give herself a star Chandler's doodies. When asked about his duties in a job interview, Chandler sidesteps a big poo joke. Monica's toast to her parents. Monica tries her hardest to make everybody cry at her parents wedding anniversary. It doesn't work. Ross holds a spider.

Rachel picks a spider for Ross there were two she picked the bigger one in exchange for her to get back on the swings again.

Ross and Rachel take Emma to the playground. Emma takes her first go on the swings and loves it. The little daredevil. Ross then gets kicked in the head. Rachel watches the birthing tape. Rachel sees the horror of the birthing video while Chandler ends up watching it for the third time!

Rachel and Joey's end of date moves. After their date Joey and Rachel share their 'end of date moves' on each other. Phoebe vs Ms Pacman. Phoebe spirals into obscenity after missing out on a new highscore on Ms Pacman The Vicar won't be home for hours.

Nestle Toll House's cookie recipe. The mystery of Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe is put to rest Ross and Phoebe get mugged. A mugger tries his luck with Ross and Phoebe but luckily she recognises their attacker Rachel gives Ross some fashion advice. Ross is in dire need of some fashion advice so Phoebe offers for him to join her and Rachel when they go shopping. Joey doesn't share food! Joey won't call Phoebe's friend Sarah back after she took some fries off of Joey's plate.

Rachel Green's Room. Rachel makes a move on Ross but like a true gentlemen he departs so he doesn't come across at taking advantage Phoebe teaching Joey French. Phoebe has a crack at trying to teach Joey French. It doesn't go very well. Oh mon dieu! Joey speaking French. Phoebe gives it one final shot at teaching Joey French. Monica stops Emma crying. After hours of Emma screaming blue murder, Rachel hands her over to Monica who manages to shut her up instantly.

She must be a fireball in bed! Joey feels that Ross needs to vent his anger for 'proposing' to Rachel and tells him to punch him. Joey proposes to Rachel - or does he? An emotional Rachel sees Joey and a ring and jumps to a very big conclusion. Rachel gives birth to Emma. Rachel becomes a mummy, smacking Ross in the forehead in the process.

Joey breaks up with punchy girl. Joey adds on some extra layers in preparation for breaking up with Katie. It's not obvious though is it? Phoebe vs the fire alarm. Phoebe tries one last thing to get her fire alarm to stop beeping - smashing the crap out of it! Ross makes a toast to Rachel and Joey and also to love.

Ahh Love. Ken Adams and Regina Phalange. Chandler's done a runner. Ross was Monica's Midnight Mystery Kisser. Ross tells Monica that Chandler kissed Rachel on the same night he did at college. Or did he? Eww eww ewwwwwwww! Ben meets the Holiday Armadillo. Bank Holiday Makeover.

Treat yourself to a Friends makeover this bank holiday weekend. Sunday and Monday from 8am. Monica's Kitchen Nightmares. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Monica's kitchen nightmares this Sunday from 8am. Wish You Were Here. Join the gang this Sunday from 8am, when they'll be jet setting on their holiday's.

The Next Generation. All the fears, the tears and the moodswings! Catch the gang this Sunday at 8am making the next generation of 'friends'. We're jumping on the Wimbledon bangwagon and serving up a Sunday of comedy aces! We're jumping on the Wimbledon bandwagon with a day of themed Friends programming. Serving up comedy aces, Sunday from 8am. You're Fired! Who needs enemies, when you have friends like these?

Join us this Sunday, from 8am. Friends Frenzy: The Winner. Here's the winning entry from the Friends Frenzy competition. Congratulations to Rachel Harm and her friends for their brilliant video!

Friends Frenzy: Chandler's Happy Ending. Friends Frenzy: Joey's Conquests. Friends Frenzy - The Competition. You and up to four friends could win a Friends inspired trip to enjoy the sights of the London and stay in the same hotel that features in the memorable Friends episode! For a chance to win, just submit your video re-enactment of any scene from Friends by tweeting the link to ComedyCentralUK using the hashtag FriendsFrenzy.

The whole Ross and Rachel story in just 45 seconds! Tune in this Friday, 9pm. No one likes making decisions. Especially the tough ones. So why not leave it to your friends? This Sunday from 8am. Who's the Daddy. You don't have to be cool, to be a dad. This Sunday, from 8am. And the Award Goes to Celebrate awards season with Friends and a host of extra special guests. She's so sexy but she always makes a scene because it's not easy being Green. Battle of the Sexes. The ultimate battle.

Boys versus Girls. Geller versus Geller. Meet the Bings this Bank Holiday weekend! This Sunday and Monday from 8am.

Ross' afro and Rachel's nose can mean only one thing Tune in for retro Friends, Sunday from 8am. P is for Princess Leia A discreet celebration of some of the best secrets on Friends. Don't tell anyone, but it's Sunday from 8am. Now we have to kill you. Top 10 Embarassing Moments. Friends Top 50 Episodes. Counting down all the best ones.

Weekdays from 12pm with a chance to catch up at the weekend. Tribbiani Triple Threat Weekender. Catch Joey doing what he does best, this Saturday and Sunday from 8am. Mum's the Word. Mum's the word in our Friends Mothers Day special, from 8am this Sunday.

Friends Sunday Surgery. Feeling down this weekend? A concentrated dose of Friends should cheer you up, with all the gang requiring medical attention. Diamonds Are For Geller. The Chandler and Monica Story.

Joey Tribbiani's Guide to Dating. Teaching you what to do when you're with the ladies - it's Joey Tribbiani! Watch Friends. We paid loadsa money for it We bought Friends for you. It's so funny and shiny and pretty and in HD on Comedy Central! How You Doin'? Friends Celebrity Specials. Friends Season 10 Song. Remember when we got to the last season of Friends? Don't worry it'll start all over again soon. Everybody knows that Joey doesn't share food! Friends coming soon to Comedy Central - Someone ate Monica.

Joey and Chandler see Fat Monica for the first time. Friends comes to Comedy Central on the 1st October. Phoebe tries her darnedest to teach Joey French. Joey lets Rachel know he found her dirty book and learns a new word in the process. Stop typing 'Stop typing'!! Rachel and Ross try to get their marriage annulled but Rachel's lies rile the man up. We Were on a Break! A song dedicated to the on-off-on-again saga that was Ross and Rachel.

Celebrities Sing Smelly Cat. Ross introduces Marcel to the gang. Marcel makes his first appearance in Friends. Ross had been a bit lonely since Carol left so the obvious thing to do is get a pet monkey right? Rachel meets her new Friends. In one of the first scenes of the first episode, Ross is having a hard time accepting his wife is a lesbian and it's a case of runaway bride as Rachel makes her first appearance in Central Perk.

Joey learns the hard way that you should check what job you're signing up for especially when your face is all over it! Marcel tried to spell out 'Monkey'. Ross attends Marcel's bedside after he eats one too many Scrabble tiles. Marcel makes Urkel Spanish. Marcel the monkey grabs the remote and turns the TV language to Spanish. But how did he do it?! Ross and Joey practice dirty talk.

After Ross's dirty talk consisted of the word 'vulva', Joey makes him practice in front of him. Ross and Marcel ready to mingle. Ross brings Marcel to Monica's party but she doesn't want him there in case he pees everywhere. Fair point. Ross' white teeth scare Phoebe. Monica tries to help Ross take the focus off his newly whitened teeth.

Ross is the reason the Gellars don't like Chandler. Rachel gets closure. Whilst on a date a very drunk Rachel calls Ross for a bit of 'closure'. Really, I do. Ross and Emily eventually tie the knot but the bride ain't a happy bunny.

Ross' Inspiring Keyboard Performance. Ross brings the house down at the coffee house. Well at least Phoebe thinks so but and decides she couldn't possibly follow that.

So Monica and Rachel have to tell her that he sucks. And that she does too. The girls cheer up Rachel by sitting wearing wedding dresses and drinking beer. Anyone else tried that? Monica alone with Julio. Monica is left to clear up with hunky Italian Julio- and would you know it, he's a poet! Monica gives Chandler a quick schooling into how to get a girl's rocks off A Lesson in the Importance of Unagi. Joey breaks his fridge.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sex. Phoebe has a nibble. Phoebe can't resist her latest massage client and goes for a little butt nibble. Ross and Joey wake up from their first nap. Joey and Ross wake up after their first nap together. They fell asleep. That is all.

Ebony and Ivory - Ross's tan. Ross arrives back from the tanning place but looks more like he'd visited 'The Sun'. Chandler's sex face. Spudnik battles the Easter Bunny in an arm wrestle but each is as strong as the other Someone ate Ross's sandwich. Someone eats the only good thing going on in Ross's life - his thanksgiving sandwich. He left a note and everything Rachel quits smoking. After not really getting the hang of smoking, Rachel attempts to make the other girls quit.

Friends with British accents. Phoebe's worst thansgiving. Ross and Monica wrestle. Sibling rivalry never gets old does it as this video clip of Ross and Monica wrestling proves Ross vs the leather pants. Ross calls Joey when he can't get his leather pants back on. Monica's work laugh. Rachel overhears Monica and Chandler in the bedroom. After all the lying Rachel goes to confront Monica about her relationship with Chandler but she overhears Monica in the bedroom saying how bad she feels about the whole dirty secret.

Hope she gets out of there and doesn't knock over a lamp or something Joey tries on his unisex bag. But is odd how good a woman's purse looks good on Joey, a man.

It is unisex. Rachel and Chandler attempt to get Ross' new couch up the stairs. If only they'd pivot more Joey's big scene. After being cut from the show, Joey distracts his Nonnie while he swaps out the real show for his own version.

Rachel selling the devil cat. Monica wrestles Rachel with her eye drops. Monica tries to help Rachel put her eye drops in but Rachel doesn't make it easy! I Ross Take Thee Rachel. Ross makes the ultimate wedding fail, saying the wrong name of the bride at the altar.

Joey gets homesick in London. Joey calls from London and realises he misses home Rachel realises she likes Ross. Rachel's the last person to find out that she's in love with Ross. You'd think she'd know Joey hits on the stripper. Joey ushers out the museum geeks from Ross's bachelor party so he can hit on the stripper.

Chandler goes to Yemen. How you doin'? Joey tells Rachel how he goes about chatting up women with three simple words Phoebe's Christmas Song. Monica finally gets to fire Joey after being treated like crap from her staff.

That's what friends are for! The Meaning of the Box is Threefold. Chandler explains the reasons why he is spending time in a massive box. It's threefold. Ross plays the keyboard. The Line is a Dot to You! Chandler admits to Joey he kissed Kathy. At least he didn't sleep with her.

Or would that have been better? Chandler chained to the filing cabinet. Rachel is worried she'll get fired unless she locks Chandler back up the way he was. Phoebe's Cat Mother. Phoebe believes the spirit of her mum is inside a cat. Well first of all there's the feeling Monica got stung, stung bad. Monica, Joey and Chandler tell the awful tale of what happened with the jellyfish on the beach. Ross finally flips and tells Rachel he fell asleep reading her epic letter.

After all it was eighteen pages long How was she? Was she good? Rachel finds out about Ross' one night stand while the others are forced to hide in the bedroom listening. Ross and Rachel take a break. Rachel suggests she and Ross take a break from their relationship. He just HAD to mention Mark didn't he! Jingle Bitch Screwed Me Over.

Phoebe makes up a song to express her feelings about Leslie using Smelly Cat for a commercial. Rachel scores a touchdown. Rachel scores a touchdown in the final moments of their Thanksgiving day football game for the 'Geller Cup'. Joey's tricks of the trade. Joey imparts some wisdom to his acting class and gets some bad news from one of his students. Monica's Dudley Moore haircut. Monica asks Phoebe to cut her hair like Demi Moore Joey and Chandler leave Ben on the bus.

Joey and Chandler pick up two girls on the bus with Ben When were you under me? Ross picks up his messages and hears Rachel's drunken voicemail. When were you Phoebe sings about grandparents. Marcel Says Goodbye to Ross. Marcel finds Ross at Central Perk and the pair spend their last afternoon together. Did You Just Flick Me?

Night at the Museum. Woah Ross' hands are on Rachel's butt. Chandler hires Phoebe as his secretary.. Marcel humping a lamp. It's The beginning of the end for Marcel as the loveable monkey starts humping everything in sight.

Rachel tells Ross she lost Marcel. Rachel confesses to Ross that she managed to lose Marcel. Look out the window!! He's Her Lobster. Rachel watches her prom video in which Ross was seconds away from asking her to the dance.

Phoebe dressed as hospital worker Ben. Phoebe tries to escape the hospital janitor's closet through an air vent. Al Pacino's Butt. Joey gets a job on the new Al Pacino movie!

It's not the biggest part mind Ross starts to ask Rachel out but a cat distracts the fickle woman and attacks him. Phoebe's Surprise Party. The gang scare the crap out of Ross before Phoebe's surprise birthday party and end up with a lemon smoosh for a cake. Writer: Rosy Glow. Added to Watchlist. Learn more More Like This. Everyday Turn-Ons. Cabaret Desire. Life Love Lust. XConfessions Vol. Everyday Turn-Ons Video Adult Romance. Inside Video Adult Fantasy Romance.

Positions Video Cabaret Desire Video Life Love Lust Adult Drama. Edit Cast Credited cast: Kali Sudhra Host Julia Roca Saskia Julia De Lucia Nicole Katana Tamara Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Emilio Ardana Marco Dante Dionys Kai Bel Gris Mateo Juan Lucho Edit Details Country: UK.

Language: English. Filming Locations: Barcelona, Spain. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you?