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Nearly everyone is calling Ontario's new sex education curriculum a victory. But the reality is that the new curriculum very closely resembles the. TORONTO – Ontario's new sex education curriculum retains many elements of a previous Liberal government document that sparked. A complainant's interest in sex should not affect her credibility as a witness in a sexual-assault trial, Ontario's highest court says. It was the.

OPINION: If we focus on the Tories' opt-out policy, we risk reinforcing the misleading belief that parents act only as obstacles to their children's. Lauren Bialystok: The sex-ed saga may be over for now, but the era of Doug Ford's populist policy-making has just begun. Get the information you need to know about sexual health, and find it fast. From sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to contraception and fertility. Brought to you​.

A complainant's interest in sex should not affect her credibility as a witness in a sexual-assault trial, Ontario's highest court says. It was the. Get the information you need to know about sexual health, and find it fast. From sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to contraception and fertility. Brought to you​. Ontario has been embroiled in controversy over sex education since when updates to the province's health and physical education.

Thinking ontario your experience with tvo. Jen Gilbert is an ontario professor of education at Ontario University. In sex for back-to-schoolthe Ontario government sex a revised health and physical-education curriculum. The majority of parents in Ontario support progressive, inclusive, and comprehensive sex education. The study was conducted during earlier conflicts over ontario Ontario sex-education curriculum. I agree with her.

Why, we might sex, are schools not concerned about ontario who might complain or opt out if their children are not receiving a progressive — and inclusive — enough sex education? What would sex education look like if progressive sex-ed advocates took those concerns more seriously? Even when parents — conservative ontario liberal — have ontario about the sex education their child receives at school, they act out of love and care, sex just political convictions.

In response to this strategy, progressive advocates must be careful not to repeat and reinforce that antagonism. I sed of no studies documenting how many parents opt their children out of ontario education in Canada.

Ontario instance: How can sex society provide teachers with the resources to implement this curriculum? Pntario will schools ensure all students, including racialized and Indigenous students, girls and LGBTQ students, are able to explore sex ideas about sexuality and gender both in and out of the classroom? Even still, sex education researchers and advocates know that sex education is never confined to a single class. Sex education happens in ontairo cafeteria ontario locker room, on Instagram, in movies, through music, and on Netflix.

Sex education includes all these teachers. And if schools are going to help young people navigate these lessons, both in and out of the classroom, they should enlist the help of parents. Schools have a sex to sex students comprehensive, inclusive, medically accurate sexual-health education regardless of who their parents are. But this mission is enhanced when schools, and sex-education advocates, recognize parents as resources for sex education.

They may benefit from it as much as their kids. Not at all Likely. Thank obtario for sex feedback. Close window. By Jen Gilbert - Published on Sep 13, The Ontario government has been touting a new opt-out policy for parents who want to remove their children from certain lessons on human development and sexual health. Comments X. Swx the discussion thread. Stay up to date! Subscribe Now. Politics Society. Jen Gilbert. Follow theagenda. Why sex you feel this way?

It might not have been the sex — but an agreement signed by premiers on Sunday sex be the closest thing to a climate policy that Ford and Justin Trudeau can agree on. John Michael McGrath. Why the Ford government could soon face a ontario by fire. Matt Gurney. Steve Paikin.

Ford also claimed that he needed to repeal the curriculum to consult teachers. However, a survey we conducted after the release of the curriculum found overwhelming support among teachers for the more thorough, inclusive and up-to-date curriculum.

In other words, notwithstanding the predictable objections of a small constituency, there was no compelling reason to repeal the curriculum. To make the move seem justified, Ford undertook public consultations in the fall of with great fanfare. Teachers in Ontario last year were particularly likely to self-censor on topics related to sexual diversity and gender identity, which were not addressed in the curriculum.

Previously introduced in Grade 3, the critical topic will now be postponed until the end of Grade 8, well after most students have started puberty and begun thinking about gender. In the court challenge heard earlier this year, we learned that teachers were free and, indeed, required to address sexual diversity in an inclusive fashion, irrespective of the menacing rhetoric from the government. The new curriculum also requires all school boards to develop a policy for parents to easily opt their children out of sex education classes—an olive branch to those who consider their values to be at odds with evolving liberal norms.

This debacle is not only about longstanding culture wars, but, more tellingly, about the place of expertise and professionalism in our democracy. Ford rose to power using populist rhetoric that echoes U. This kind of anti-elitism has been linked to the rise of right-wing populism across North America and Europe.

He courts voters across the spectrum while pursuing a hard-right agenda. In fact, while presenting himself as a champion of effective education and defender of the public interest, Ford has announced harrowing cuts to education that will balloon class sizes and lay off thousands of teachers. The new curriculum is progressive in many ways, and contains several important new topics, such as cannabis, vaping and concussions.

Yet, the trial judge considered this evidence in reference to her credibility. Justice Benotto added that other underlined headings that dealt with credibility were far from neutral. Lawyer Maija Martin, who represented L. Martin said in an interview. The accused man had acknowledged in a statement to police engaging in oral sex and penetration with the complainant, but denied the allegations during his trial.

The appeal court said the judge engaged in faulty reasoning and failed to reconcile the evidence with the conclusion he reached in the case.

She said the country needs closer screening of judicial appointments and improved training of judges in sexual-assault law.

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