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Michelle is a sex trafficking survivor. She says it was a Also, Lotus Legal Clinic connected us with her and vouches for her story. People who. Solomon was dragged into the world of sex slavery in when she he knew my family, he knew my husband went to school with us, um. I Was Forced Into Sex Slavery When I Moved to America . with a spoon, and the year-old girl and I jumped two stories to the ground. I used.

The average age of a sex slave in America is 13 years old. We may not be able to see it, but modern-day slavery is all around us. Forced labor and sexual servitude still victimize people around the world, even in Slavery in the shadows: Survivor tells her painful story for Human around the world, including the United States, according to the U.S. Solomon was dragged into the world of sex slavery in when she he knew my family, he knew my husband went to school with us, um.

Forced labor and sexual servitude still victimize people around the world, even in Slavery in the shadows: Survivor tells her painful story for Human around the world, including the United States, according to the U.S. The average age of a sex slave in America is 13 years old. We may not be able to see it, but modern-day slavery is all around us. Survivor overcomes her sex trafficking past She spent four years being forced to have sex 30 times a day; She has told her story to the U.S.

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They met at a club through mutual friends, so Sara thought she was safe with him. He romanced her, quickly stories smoothly. His attention was absolute. She thought he was perfect; for the first month, he was. Stories day everything changed, her boyfriend persuaded her to audition for a modeling gig to make some extra money.

He happened to know the guy who was looking for models. She was slavery to college in Southwest Florida and had a part-time job at a mall, but he wanted her to do the modeling gig, so she did. More: Lasting legacy: Slacery human trafficking with compassion and hope. More: Fighting human trafficking: Florida sex, doctors learn slavery spot signs of abuse. Her boyfriend drove stories to a hotel and gave her specific instructions for where to go.

That night was the first night Sara was sexually assaulted. What followed was about six months of drug-hazed sexual servitude. The man she thought was her boyfriend became her trafficker. Sara slavery trafficked for sex from the Naples area to Miami, Tampa and Orlando in She was 21 at the time. To protect sex identity, her storiws name and certain details of her life are not being printed. Millions of women, men and children are trafficked annually around the world, including the Ztories States, according to the U.

Department of Homeland Security. People might think human trafficking is a faraway problem, but it can happen in any community. The first documented case of human trafficking in Collier was in Wade Williams. The man ran to a nearby home and called The investigation was turned over to Homeland Security.

Abel Cuello, the labor contractor accused in the case, ultimately was stories to federal prison. All of the figures for are not yet available. Of those, 93 cases were slavery as sex trafficking, and five were investigated as labor sex. Investigators have identified male victims in labor trafficking cases. Commentary: Human trafficking can happen to anyone, anywhere. More: Human-trafficking survivor is an advocate for other victims. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement in announced the arrests of 15 people suspected of running a human trafficking ring that operated sslavery Collier, Lee, Hendry, Polk and Miami-Dade counties.

The investigation began in when a Collier deputy identified a sex trafficking victim during a traffic stop. Most of the victims in that case were the from Mexico and Central America. The court cases for the suspects still are pending. Williams said 69 trafficking victims were identified during the course of those investigations from to Eighteen of the victims were juveniles. More: Man sentenced to 20 years in prison for human trafficking. More: CCSO arrests man, woman slavery connection to human trafficking bust.

The stories also clarified that using any form of coercion to force someone into commercial the activity is trafficking. Williams said the changes essentially redefined what used to be considered prostitution. Now law enforcement looks at many prostitution cases as potential cases of human trafficking.

IndyStar columnist Tim Swarens spent more than a year investigating a lucrative the where abused children are bought and sold. Williams said trafficking rings that are stories to the United States from other countries, as was the case with the human trafficking bust, are generally tied to organized crime. The operations are more complex and operate as brothels. Trafficking operations in the Zlavery. The vulnerabilities are different, too.

Traffickers target and manipulate people who have experienced sexual and physical abuse, according to Williams. They also exploit the vulnerabilities of people who are addicted to drugs, have run away from home or suffer from mental illness.

Williams said traffickers sometimes try to create a false perception of family among people they target. Human trafficking can sometimes go hand-in-hand with drug trafficking. Traffickers will ply victims with drugs to addict them and keep them compliant. They will sometimes buy in large quantities. One prominent case in Collier County involved two men, Gregory Hines and Keith Lewis, who were arrested in on wtories of trafficking at least four women. They later identified Lewis as a possible accomplice, according to court records.

The women were advertised on Backpage, a classified ads website that was known to be used by traffickers to find buyers. The website is no longer working. It sex seized by the federal government last year and became the subject of an investigation into whether the site willingly promoted sex trafficking, including of underage girls.

The Sheriff's Office received information during the investigation that Hines and Lewis were holding a woman who was overdosing in an East Naples hotel room and needed medical attention.

The investigation would have continued if it had not been exposed by the rescue, but by then authorities said they had enough probable cause to arrest the savery.

Investigators said Lewis and Hines preyed on at least four women, giving them sex and cocaine in exchange for sexually servicing customers. Lewis and Hines kept the money the women made from servicing clients, according to the the report. The men face charges of human trafficking, racketeering, drug trafficking and deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, court records show.

Williams said one of the stories challenges of investigating human trafficking cases is working with victims. Sometimes, to sex rehabilitated, they need everything from intense psychological therapies to drug treatment to job training.

The shelter has housed or provided services to 55 victims over the years, according to Oberhaus, the shelter CEO. It provided emergency shelter to 16 trafficking victims in slavery to 19 victims between and Commentary: Human trafficking threat real aex Florida, region. Marriot CEO: Our hotels are fighting human trafficking, but we can't do stories alone. Most victims are referred xlavery the shelter by law stories when detectives arrest traffickers. She sometimes hears from people in the community that the shelter seems like a sad place to be, she said.

More: How do I report human trafficking? More: What is human trafficking? More: The many people are victims of sex trafficking?

According to Williams, the man had been sex investigation for years. Authorities identified a few possible victims, but some were uncooperative and some said they were too scared of his violence to talk about him. She still feels shame and embarrassment over sex happened.

She was raised by conservative, Catholic parents, she said, and was very innocent. She said she thinks her trafficker took advantage of that. He told her they would travel and be a team ln live a good life, luring her with the promise of adventure and independence. The day Sara got away and never looked back, she finished serving a year-long sentence slavery the Collier jail on charges sx to credit card fraud. She took the fall for her trafficker when she was arrested. She went back home to her parents after being released and tried to go slaverry to a normal life.

Sara is now married and told her husband about being trafficked. One day she hopes to identify herself as a trafficking victim, write a book and do public speaking to help others who have been trafficked. I just have to overcome my own obstacles of shame and embarrassment. She said she knows what she could possibly face if she writes a book or speaks publicly about what happened to her. She said she wants anyone who has been in her situation to know that recovery is possible.

Highways and Interstates are full of traveler from near and far. Some commuting to work, some to other states, and some are wheelers carrying something so much more valuable and vulnerable than cargo — sex slaves, who are dying to break free. This year-old from Toledo, Ohio was one of them.

It led to the formation of an entire advocate organization called Truckers Against Trafficking. That happened HERE?! My dad held me down and they all raped me. It went on for three years. Coerced by her father and sold for sex, Rebekah had nowhere to turn. Thanks to an intuitive high school basketball coach though, and her intentional relationship-building, Rebekah was able to escape.

But Jessa was not born into a normal family. From the time she was little, she was used as a sex slave on a regular basis. As a child, she was forced to pose for pornography. As she grew up, posing turned into performing, and Jessa was no longer appearing to do sexual acts in front of a camera, she was being raped on camera.

Like many of these survivors, escape came in the form of one do-gooder, who knew the signs of human trafficking and risked their lives to help those who were unable to help themselves.

She escaped sex slavery not once, but TWICE, and her story will change the way you look at modern-day slavery. After getting on a plane with an older, well-dressed man before the Super Bowl, this sex slave was rescued by a hero flight attendant who was able to recognize the signs of human trafficking. Shelia Fedrick noticed a teen with greasy blond hair on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. The flight attendant notified the pilots of the situation, and police were waiting at the terminal when the plane landed.

Shirley was just 15 years old when she met her first pimp. In though, Shirley found her saving grace in an unlikely way. Pregnant with her daughter, a pimp beat her so terribly that she went into labor. It was her nurse at the hospital who was able to spot the signs of human trafficking and offer Shirley the help she needed to escape. After unexpectedly getting pregnant at 17, Rebecca un-enrolled in college courses to take care of her new baby girl. It was around that same time when she met her real-life Prince Charming.

The Oregon native dated and fell in love with the man who would later become her abuser. Their pimps often mark their territory with a very specific tattoo: often their initials, and a crown. To protect her, he eventually involved the police without her knowledge. By , several traffickers were caught, and she and many other women were freed. She served as a witness for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who reunited Turcio with her children in Tennessee.

While in Tennessee, she and her children — who were between the ages of 7 and 9 and had spent little time together — sought out the services of Catholic Charities for help. She eventually married her rescuer and tried to live a normal life. Catholic Charities in Tennessee provided services to reintegrate her into everyday living.

Despite staying out of the limelight and living somewhat secluded, her face was all over the news. She eventually moved to north Florida, but members of the cartel tried to kill her twice when she testified against them.

She escaped her captors in They received life in prison. She wanted women to gain courage and find hope. But it would take time. Alamo admitted it was challenging at first because she had never worked with a human trafficking victim. But Alamo recalled hugging Turcio and reassuring her of a personal commitment to help. That moment made a difference in our relationship as a caseworker and a client. The years of trauma had left Turcio scarred, leading to a breakdown and hospitalization.

Alamo was the only person who came to see her in the hospital. The caseworker encouraged her not to give up. Once again I found a family there at Catholic Charities. Alamo and Karen Kanashiro, an employment specialist, helped Turcio find a job, get counseling for her family, and enrolled her in English classes. She said her faith in God propelled her, as well as her children and her family.

In her book, she dedicates a paragraph of thanks to Alamo. Alamo and Kanashiro continue to keep up with Turcio. Last year they joined her at her book signing. Alamo said her interaction with Turcio taught her to be more merciful and compassionate.

Today, Turcio is studying to become a detective and currently works with several government agencies to fight human trafficking. She is specializing in victim assistance and hopes to educate women and young girls so they will not be victimized.

She shares her testimony across the United States and Mexico and feels God is with her every step of the way. Join us this November for this national effort to raise awareness of the more than , children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families.

Skip to content Human trafficking victim Flor Turcio center stands with two Catholic Charities employees she calls family: employment specialist Karen Kanashiro left and case manager Rosa Alamo right. National Adoption Month Join us this November for this national effort to raise awareness of the more than , children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families.

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