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We've discussed what to wear, and your look has already reeled him in. Now you'​ve got to take it to the next step and wow him. Try any of these. If you are looking for a change this year and are thinking about cutting your hair short, then you have come to the right place. Many women hold back from. Hair updos put your hair up to open your face and give your look a feminine touch. The best thing is, there are tons of simple yet gorgeous ideas that look chic​.

Hair updos put your hair up to open your face and give your look a feminine touch. The best thing is, there are tons of simple yet gorgeous ideas that look chic​. We've discussed what to wear, and your look has already reeled him in. Now you'​ve got to take it to the next step and wow him. Try any of these. Nov 2, Explore nanoplanet's board "Sexy Updos" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Long hair styles, Hair styles and Hair beauty:__cat__.

Hair updos put your hair up to open your face and give your look a feminine touch. The best thing is, there are tons of simple yet gorgeous ideas that look chic​. We've discussed what to wear, and your look has already reeled him in. Now you'​ve got to take it to the next step and wow him. Try any of these. Nov 2, Explore nanoplanet's board "Sexy Updos" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Long hair styles, Hair styles and Hair beauty:__cat__.

Hair updos are probably the most versatile hairstyles. And due to that, you can wear such hairstyles everywhere. Moreover, you can easily switch from a day to a night version. Or, add some embellishments, and your updo instantly sexu festive.

See what we mean? Total versatility! Read on and sexu for yourself. There are so many updo hairstyles, so how to pick an updo that will work best for you? Keep in mind the type of your hair. The same concerns straight versus wavy or curly locks.

So, if there is a very special event ahead, it is advisable to consult with a professional stylist, but pick someone whom you trust and who already has some experience in working with your tresses.

He or she knows all the tricks and can manipulate your tresses. Updos, listening sexu this person is important. Your desires are sexu too but if that means appearing stiff or fake, how do you think, is it worthwhile arguing with your stylist? Do not forget that your hairstyle is supposed to complement your outfit rather than compete with what you wear. For example, an updo that involves soft curls can do for a dress that has many attention-drawing details up the waist. So which neckline does your gown have?

Pair it with your updo in the right way. A square, scoop, or V-Neck neckline gown. Pick relatively updos updo hairstyles for long hair or hair updos for medium length hair with a gentle texture like relaxed waves: a high bun or a textured braid swept to a side, for example. A strapless neckline gown. An elegant updo swept to a side will compliment this dress beautifully. A high neckline gown. Go for a slicked chignon, a tight ponytail, or a sophisticated topknot placed in the center of the head.

A backless gown. Such gowns can be complemented with various necklines, but we are interested in the fact that it is backless. Be it a chignon or an elaborate crown braid, this updo should correspond to the gown theme boho, elegant, vintage, etc. A gown with a round neckline. A French twist is one of the perfect options. Overall, stick to hairstyles that compliment rather than compete with the style of updos strap.

You may remember top knot hairstyles as an easy-to-do hairdos that always look messy. Well, such updos still have something to impress you: once you style it neatly and give it more time, your knot can look like a red-carpet hairstyle; just make sure that everything is voluminous and full. Your precious curls can turn into something absolutely stunning! How about you to try such an eye-catching coloring technique as peek-a-boo? Nothing looks better than amazing fluorescent shades on naturally curly hair.

We appear in public, after all! A simple bun can adorn your days and save your time in the morning. Put on makeup, brush your hair, do a high bun. Your casual look is ready. Here comes another good idea for everyone. Such an easy updo can embellish absolutely every look. It looks gorgeous on long wavy hair, this pic is living proof. If you want to freshen up your short or medium hair, just keep in mind: a top knot has sexu limitations!

Some half-ups can be done faster than you can imagine! And this one is the nicest example: pick the top section of your hair, twist it somehow to create a messy high bun and secure it with a lovely tie. What can be better than two messy twists on the crown?

The same twists with pins, accompanied by long beachy waves that hang on your shoulders. To make this awesome half-up half-down even more eye-catching, leave some messy front locks and wave them a bit. Once you create a simple twist, updos its crown, pull the edges, and secure everything with floral bobby pins. Beauty is in the details, and this idea is the proof. One of the most effective ways to diversify sexu hairstyles is to add some accessories to it.

Anything from stylish pins to headbands and scarves will work well; your task is to be imaginative! Both high and low updos can be life saviors for busy women who do not have enough time for some super intricate hairstyles but updos still wish to look pretty. These casual updos for long hair you can observe here are super practical, and you can do one whether you head to the office or meet with your friends. A gorgeous hairstyle is guaranteed.

Plus, it looks fresh and updos A bun is one of the most popular easy updos for short hair. Just look at this pic: all of your hair is twisted neatly, creating a very gentle silhouette. Your beautiful face is sexu, while your hair is styled in an awesome girly way. It looks wonderful. A happy medium between hair lengths gives you a lot of space for your imagination. The variety of easy updos for medium hair is just infinite, which is good for us!

To complement your look, adorn this exquisite low bun with some hair accessories. Let more flowers in your life! A flowered updo is the loveliest decision ever. This updo gets on well with long and thick hair: it can calm all your hair down, showing off the fullness of your locks in a cute girly way.

Of course, updos for long hair can be fancier as there is length to work with. But if you have medium length or even short hair, you still can create an amazing updo! All you sexu here is your patience and desire to learn.

For those sexu desire to look like no sexu else — there is also a way out. Be ready to create and inspire! If you are tired of the usual hairstyles, try one of these creative ideas. A cool braided mohawk for brave girls, a classic French twist but done in a new way, or maybe a simple bun with three interwoven braids.

Loosely braided updos updos to the side are the most feminine updos for special events. Yes, outweighed silhouettes are the thing now! Updos that feature fascinating braided textures are our favorite ones, not for nothing! When your head is embellished with braids, you have a lot of room for adding more volume and creating a lush silhouette to the style. A loop braid that twists into a messy bun can be tousled and pulled as wide as you want, thus giving you a very pleasant texture.

One of the main advantages of updo hairstyles is that they can let us be super creative. For example, a regular fishtail braid can look unbelievably fascinating if you braid your hair diagonally and put the rest of your locks into a loose bun.

To individualize your updo, you can accessorize it with a updos. Nothing can compare to the beauty that such a subtle, girly element can give to sexu look. It can be a voluminous braided bun with lifted top updos just a braid; the point is to add some romance to it updos reveal your inner romantic mood.

A Dutch braid that begins on the back of your head and becomes a messy bun on the top looks like a cute bow and takes minutes to get it done. Here you can observe that buns are very versatile hairstyles. Buns can be elegant updos for long hair wedding or updos for long hair prom, but they can also be adorable casual hairstyles.

The best part about buns is that they compliment almost all babes. Just pick a fun and flirty bun hairstyle that will be appropriate for the occasion. Some girls prefer to show how daring they are, and a cool hairdo is the best way.

A messy high bun with your hair braided on the sides can be a good idea to freshen up hot summer days. Space-inspired looks have always been attractive to us. They are colorful and kind of magical.

Believe it or not, braids are not as usual as you think. How do you like the idea of a braided bun? Sounds cool, right? It can be even more awesome: get yourself two braided buns and be ready for the most flattering compliments. How ambitious are you?

Your long hair is your crown, so you should wear it like a queen. You can dye it to a soft pastel pink shade to add some charm.

How ambitious are you? Your long hair is your crown, so you should wear it like a queen. You can dye it to a soft pastel pink shade to add some charm. Though thick hair looks beautiful, it can be troublesome sometimes. So here comes one of the most amazing easy updos for thick hair. Fantastic and very charming braided updos will suit every hair type and length.

Here you can see amazing hairstyles that will come in handy if you are looking for updo hairstyles for weddings or just any easy formal hairstyles for medium hair. Every formal occasion is fun: from wedding to prom to holiday parties, sometimes we just need to get fancy. That is when your hairstyle should be as exquisite and flattering as your gown. We think that any of these voluminous formal updos can complement your royal image.

Sometimes messiness in our hair is the best finish for our sexy looks. A simple high bun with randomly sticking strands, secured with a fancy headband and spiced with some framing front locks is a good idea to complete your sassy, hot look.

Buns are the most common and the easiest updos. But you should consider the length and thickness of your hair, as the shorter and the thinner your hair is, the smaller the bun will be. If you are not sure how to style your long locks, try these messy updo hairstyles. It can be a knot or a bun. Also, you can add a headband or another accessory, just use your imagination. Obviously, the only things that thin hair needs are some fullness and volume. Look at this updo.

Just do a messy bun, pull some hair on the crown and wave your front locks. A headband will come in handy! The messier this look, the better. Put all your hair up and twist it randomly, setting your bun as high as possible.

To accentuate your unique sense of style, accessorize your updo with a stylish headband. Updo hairstyles do not require some fancy materials to be created of. All you need is your hairspray, bobby pins, and imagination. Do not overthink it - beauty sometimes comes with imperfection! These are not very easy long hair updos. You still can do one after some practice though.

But any hair stylist will do one of these hairstyles with little effort involved. And whether you can or cannot do one on your own, it is definitely worth adding such an updo into your collection of favorite hairstyles.

Braided updos are lovely, romantic, feminine, and they are perfect for both formal occasions and casual afternoons. Ponytails are considered to be casual and easy hair updos. But today there are many ponytail hairstyles that are spiced up with elaborate elements that make them ideal for both formal and informal occasions.

This classic updo hairstyle is popular for several reasons: it is ultimately pretty, very convenient, and not complicated. Another perk of this hairstyle is that is can be customized in a variety of ways.

You can change the look of your ponytail even every day. Believe us, the number of ponytail variations will let you do that. Messiness in our hair will never go out of style! So a messy high ponytail with soft, disheveled waves and lifted crown will not only take your hair type to the next level but also will give you a nice, versatile, and easy updo. Ponytails can be different, and some of them are just meant to make a statement! Just imagine that all of your hair is put in the spotlight with a high and messy snatched ponytail; easy, yet sexy.

The best thing is, this hairdo can fit both casual and evening looks. Want to flaunt with both practical and trendy updos? The outstanding pipe braid is a must-try, then! Such a hairstyle keeps your look immaculate and well groomed, which is a nice idea for any season and occasion.

To spice it up, let your braid transform into a little ponytail. Mixing two familiar hairstyles can lead you to many new, unique ones. Two simple Dutch braids on each side of your head that turn into a high pony is a nice fresh take on the popular daily updos. How about a burst of volume and waves on your head? Double rope braids that turn into wavy ponytails seem to be the fullness in its purest. Just create two twists, loosen them, and wave the rest of your hair, and volume will accompany you all day long.

Do you know that bobby pins can complement your hairstyle as an accessory? A simple low ponytail can turn into a fascinating hairdo, just place some pins on the front sides! This idea reminds us of a crown: here comes another proof that all women are queens. Feel like there is a lack of colors in your life? Add some brightness to your daily routine! The colors we see every day can affect our mood, so your hair color must be as pleasing as possible.

That means you should mix all the favorite ones! Look at this colorful French braid. You know that a high ponytail is ageless. Classic things are amazing because they suit anyone, but how about you to add something new to it? We need to be creative if we want to look unique. Braid your high ponytail! Ponytails work for any girl with any hair type and hair length. If your hair is fine enough, you can do a tight high ponytail. Girls with thin hair can get themselves a side ponytail with braided elements and pull the edges to make hair look fuller.

Let this magic in your life! Low ponytails are quite common, but not this one. The messy body of this ponytail with some messily sticking front locs and voluminous crown are so breathtaking. And you know what? Let your hair air dry, and this look will be yours! One of the best ways to put your hair up is to create this amazing ponytail. The only thing you need is to tie your ponytail, making bubbles out of it and hide the elastics underneath your hair. Simple and gorgeous!

A delicate, elegant low bun created with a net of little lively waves. Such a sophisticated hairdo looks pretty unique just the way it is, but you can enhance this effect by individualizing the style with some matching accessory. The best thing is, a style like this can be achieved with any hair type: just make sure to pull the crown! And if you accessorize this simple but feminine idea with floral embellishment, it will look like a real red-carpet hairstyle. This wavy updo, where waves lie one another messily, looks unbelievably textured and thus distinctive because of the tousled styling.

Tucking all of your hair into a low twist and working in a messy manner is enough to get a well-balanced, voluminous look. Of course, a minimalist accessory will make it even more charming. Black floral embellishments are the trendy way to emphasize the beauty of blonde chevelures. With this eye-catching, vertical twist that fascinates with its textured body, you can perfectly complement any outfit! Whether you want to get a hairstyle for work or a special occasion is just around the corner, such a hairstyle is essential for every woman to try.

Your hair is twisted delicately on the back, while some of your front locks are left to frame your face. Simplicity never fails! The best way to get convinced that there are many easy updos you can do yourself is to try one of them. Those who are looking for easy updos for long hair step by step, you are in the right place. Follow these steps to get a cute updo:. She also has a bright accessory that makes the whole look pop as well.

Another great braided crown that will give you that romantic look. Scarlett Johannson is showing us that short styles can truly be fashionable. She is one girl that always looks good so she would be a great choice to follow for any style ideas. We think she looks awesome in this braided style.

This updo is a tighter style than most. It gives a very different look but one that is no less beautiful. A stunning style that you will want to wear wherever you go. This unique braided bun is a style that you can wear to the beach to keep your wet hair in place or you can even wear it to an event.

This updo is sure to make you feel like you were born in another era. We love just how elegant it looks and it will look wonderful at your next formal event. This is a beautiful design that you can be proud of at the end of the day. Nine steps are all it takes to turn your short hair into a beautiful updo.

If you have an event coming up then give this style a try. You probably never thought you could create a formal style when you have short hair, but there are so many options that you can choose from. This sexy style combines a mohawk and an updo all in one. This actress is showing off her sense of style with her hairdo as well. A shoulder length style that is soft and pretty.

This is another romantic look that is perfect for an event. It would be easy for you to even put this style together, no need to go to a salon. You can have a beautiful style for your event without going over the top.

Halle Berry has curls for days with this short hairstyle. This is the kind of sassy and spunky look that will make you love your short hair. We adore this style. This short and choppy style can make for a great updo. If you have a fancy event coming up, then this is the formal style you are looking for. A polished look is not impossible with short hair. You can wear an updo just as easily as someone with long hair.

This is a casual style that you can wear to work or even just running errands. If you like to keep things casual, then you are sure to love this style. A short style that has some pretty magnificent colors to it.

We love the above braid as well. Sometimes all you need to change up your look is a new color. We are a big believer in color and this is an amazing look. We love these gorgeous colors. If you want a polished look that will keep the hair out of your face, then this is the one for you. Another great messy look that can be worn anywhere. This is a simple style that can be put together in minutes.

These partial styles are truly unique. They can be worn in a relaxed way, or they can be worn to a summer wedding. If you want a mohawk that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, then this is the look for you. If you are looking for a cool style, then this is it. Kristen Stewart loves edgy looks, she sports them all the time. This one has the hair pulled tightly to one side giving the impression of a shaved style. Wrap and pin the entire ponytail around the base, allowing it to air-dry for 45 minutes.

Once released, stunning waves come tumbling down. Want to get your hair out of your face and off your neck? Speaking of braids, Nicole Richie 's over-the-shoulder French braid is always a winner.

Guys see this hairstyle as cute and low-maintenance—and so do we girls who love rocking this look. Win-win on both ends! For a pared-down, pretty look, slick on a shiny flesh-tone lip-gloss like Kim Kardashian 's. Her glossy nude kisser draws attention to her lips without it feeling obvious and overpowering. With amazing skin like Gabrielle Union 's, minimal makeup is required. For this naturally gorgeous look, rely on mattifying foundation, nude lip gloss, volumizing mascara, and rose-color blush.

Done and done! OK, OK, maybe don't actually bathe in it, but definitely massage bronzing oil into every inch of your skin—from head to toe—to glisten like Kerry Washington. It's a simple yet standout way to be absolutely irresistible. Play coyly sexy and wear your hair in your face and over one eye like Rihanna. Hey, it worked for Veronica Lake—in fact, she built a whole career on it!

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