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Sophia Loren has always seemed to epitomise glamour, pure sex and the Hollywood state of mind, even though many of her movies were. See more ideas about Sophia loren, Italian actress and Actresses. sex symbol and Italian actress Sophia Loren entered a beauty pageant at the age of 14 and. Special Day, A (Movie): Sophia Loren, who appears in film, int; illus.

Sophia Loren has always seemed to epitomise glamour, pure sex and the Hollywood state of mind, even though many of her movies were. See more ideas about Sophia loren, Italian actress and Actresses. sex symbol and Italian actress Sophia Loren entered a beauty pageant at the age of 14 and. At age 85, Sophia Loren is busier than ever. Fox News: You're still celebrated as an icon in Hollywood and a sex symbol. How do you feel.

11 fascinating facts about the Italian sex bomb. Sophia Loren returns to the spotlight with a new memoir -- and a long-overdue explanation of that famous Cropped screenshot of Sophia Loren from the film Five Miles to Italian actress Sophia Loren in Comacchio, in the set of the Italian film La. GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA is 90 and has lost none of her famous glamour or her sharp tongue as she reignites her feud with Sophie Loren.

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Instead, she had a passionate, calamitous, on-off relationship with Riccardo Scicolone Murillo and became pregnant with Sophia. Murillo came from a good family but was one of these aristocratic losers. He gave his name to his first child but Sophia had to use her first pay cheque to buy it for her younger sister, Maria. The older, authoritative male figure is something that she was always searching for, which is perhaps why she felt so instantly at home when she met Italian film producer and director Carlo Ponti, who was nearly 22 years older.

Cary Grant was 30 years her senior. Loren with Cary Grant in 's Houseboat. You want the normality, which we didn't have. My father would always come to see me when my mother sent him a telegram saying, 'Sophia's very sick. What I always wanted, because all my friends had one, was a father. I wanted to be like them, to be normal. But this was not possible. So you see these things when you're 13, 14, when you're almost grown up. You see it for what it is. Does she think this lack of a father is what attracted her to men who were older, that they were fulfilling a mentoring role?

She agrees, though, that she did want to learn. There was no opportunity for me to have experiences even with younger men. It was all impossible, impossible. She says of the first time she met Ponti, "I felt at home. When I was leaving him to go home after we'd seen each other, I would feel calm.

I would ask myself, 'Why do I feel like that? I was terribly young. I was 17 and we didn't have anything together until a long time later. It's not like today. He taught me many things.

One day he bought me a suit and he said, 'You should always wear suits because it suits you very well. He was protective and he He looked and sounded like he would take care of me, which no other man had done. By the time she met Cary Grant in , she and Carlo Ponti were definitely an item. They were together but couldn't marry because Ponti couldn't get a divorce - the laws in Italy at that time were extremely Catholic.

Into this vulnerable moment came the gently seductive, impossibly charming Grant, who courted her on the Pride and the Passion set with many intimate dinners and then proposed to her. Why on earth didn't she take Cary Grant? It was difficult. I was doing my first American-language film and my American language was so very terrible I was upset. Many times I needed help with the language and Cary would help me.

I felt that I would never fit in there. I would never have a future there because of my nationality. I was scared to change completely in life without knowing if this relationship or quasi relationship was going on. We exchanged numbers and he said he would call. In fact, he did come onto the set of [ Italian film] Two Women , and then when I was doing a picture in New York he came to the house.

I was together with Carlo and already had my son. He died. He must have known he was dying. Something in the book puzzles me. On the day Houseboat , her second film with Grant, wrapped, he sent her a giant bunch of yellow roses. She was leaving with Ponti on the plane and boasted about the yellow roses. Maybe I wanted to test him, to test how he felt. I was young and thought if he got angry and jealous it meant he loved me. In fact, Ponti was so angry and jealous he hit her.

Very softly. Let's not exaggerate it. But that's what made me feel okay. That made me feel I'd made the right choice. She is quiet, which is unusual because she's extremely chatty. Was she ever daunted by that? Richard was having a very difficult time in his life. He was suffering a lot and we took care of him.

He would play with the children and have a wonderful time but then Elizabeth [Taylor] would come and have lunch and it would not be good. I also found it hard to fathom that when she was nominated for an Oscar for Two Women in , she didn't want to go to the ceremony because she'd be too upset if she didn't win, so she waited at home. It was many years before live telecasts and while she waited she went to make a sauce to calm herself down.

She aged over a decade for her character in Two Women , playing a mother in Italy during the war and putting every emotion from her starving and sometimes terrified childhood into it. It was a big deal. It was an Italian-language movie. She felt it didn't have a chance. If you have a sense of home you feel fine, or at least I do. I feel protected. So she made her tomato sauce instead of going to the Oscars because if she won she might faint and if she didn't win she'd be too upset?

But later that night - in fact, in the early hours of the next morning - she got a call from Cary Grant saying, "Darling, you won. Soon after this, in , she and Ponti moved to Paris because there was still no divorce in Italy.

The situation was very complicated. Years before, she and Ponti had gone through a ceremony in Mexico. You have to earn the work and learn the many lessons from them.

You never truly know what is waiting for you, what is ahead of you, even if you think you do. I think of it as a long walk. But it was one I was very glad to do. You have to always be prepared, cope with both the acceptances and the rejections, but not let the rejections stop you from working.

You have to be prepared to do things you have never done in your life. These are not things you learn in school to be an actress. You have to just look forward, jump and go. Sometimes you will fall, but not many times. Fox News: What was the secret behind your lasting marriage to Carlo Ponti? Loren: My only marriage. It was a marriage of love.

It was a wonderful moment in my life. We have two beautiful children, and my family is always with me, always around me. Fox News: Is it true you burned your diaries? Or is that Hollywood legend? No, not at all. My life is inside of me. Nobody can cope with it and nobody can say, "No, no, you forgot. Fortunately for me, sometimes I have a nice sense of humor. Fox News: Prince Harry recently spoke out about coping with intense media scrutiny.

Would you give him any advice? People have to live, people have to breathe, people [have the right] to have children and be happy. Italian actress Sophia Loren is lying on her belly holding her head up and playing with her hair while looking at the camera.

She is wearing a white fur around her body. Loren: Life. Because I find if you don't take the opportunity to do things at the right time, what are you waiting for? I have two beautiful children and they gave me children. I think every day is an opportunity for life, to do something you want to do.

That inspires me… You just love yourself and you love what you do. Loren: Geneva is very, very close to Italy so I am never far away.