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52 adorable unisex nursery ideas

These gender-neutral nurseries are not only design inspiration, but they will inspire the little ones, too. Babies will love the colors and contrasts. Jul 14, Explore kalinmontfort's board "Unisex Nursery ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nursery, Nursery neutral and Nursery room. From styles, accent pieces, to decor and colors, here are the most inspiring gender neutral baby nursery ideas out there.

The colours of choice for most unisex nurseries are green and yellow because they're meant to be fitting for both boys and girls. Instead, why. Looking for unique gender-neutral nursery ideas? Browse through our gallery of some of the most stylish baby rooms around for inspiration. Treat your little one to a super stylish unisex nursery scheme.

From styles, accent pieces, to decor and colors, here are the most inspiring gender neutral baby nursery ideas out there. Treat your little one to a super stylish unisex nursery scheme. Don't let a delivery room surprise spoil your decorating plans. Discover great inspiration for your nursery with these gender-neutral themes.

The perfect nursery needs to soothe your baby, hold all the necessary equipment and provide a calm space for the parents ubisex care for their new arrival. So many nurseries are all-white so it's refreshing to see a touch of colour. Painted halfway, a refreshing aqua tone is suitably subtle to add charming character without being too much. Neutral matching furniture and colourful applique linen gives this nursery a happy-go-lucky vibe.

A neutral nursery scheme can be jollied up by a wallpaper feature wall of furry friends. A play on ancestral portraits, these delightful animal characters are framed in subtle and stylish olive leaf wreaths.

The illustrative designs make the room more and more friendly and inviting as baby becomes familiar with the shapes and characters. New neutral grey is cool but in nursery nursery can look dull. Lighten the mood with fluffy, white cloud motifs to evoke the sense calm and weightlessness. Add soft accents of yellow and the sunshine will also break through. A nursery 'theme' is not to everyone's tastes so why not choose vintage-style furniture to surround your kid in culture from the very start?

Make a rainbow effect shelf by displaying the most colourful toys and neon polka dot walls are quirky and vibrant yet somehow still subtle. Baby mobiles can be either soothing or stimulating for babies, so perhaps no nursery is complete without one. With so many styles and designs to choose from, there is no need to compromise on style. And, if one is not enough multiple mobiles securely hung together can become the focal decorative feature nurserg you and baby.

Coming into the world is a big leap so unidex a cocoon like space for baby will make them feel safe and secure. There's nothing much cuter than a bear and this friendly wall sticker personalises the room while working with the monochrome and tan colour scheme. Be sure to remove the canopy as soon as your newborn becomes more mobile and can grab at the fabric. Any experienced parent will advise that if the nursery nursery big enough to fit a specially unisex feeding chair or cushioned armchair nursrey do it!

The new job will nursery involve a lot of night work so having a comfortable place to regularly feed or soothe is a high priority. Invest in coordinating support cushions and even a foot-rest prop you up when you need most it. One thing is absolutely certain, a baby needs its nappy changed an awful lot, especially in those early days. Unisex out for nursery furniture with incorporated baby changing tables and plenty of compartments for changing gear.

A colourful environment or wall-mounted shapes, like these red balloons, for baby to focus on will make the job much easier. Make the most of small-scale furniture by packing as much storage into the room as you can. Babies come with a lot of unisex and go through bundles of laundry so having a home for everything will keep the nursery tidy and organised.

The petite pieces leave plenty of wall space so utilise this with extra hooks, child-friendly bookshelves and perhaps a cute underwater polar bear or two A wall mural will brighten up a unises and can be easily updated later. This gender neutral and vibrant mountain design will enlarge the feel of the room and spark your child's imagination.

Pick out the colours with a pom-pom garland but nurseey leave a nursery alone with one in a cot. A cot that lasts from new-born to toddler is a wise investment. This stylish convertible cot unisex super chic, modelled on s nursrey design, and will go beyond the toddler bed stage by turning into a funky sofa fit for a pre-schooler! Typographic artwork has been a popular part of our decorating schemes for a while now and so was bound unisex reach the rooms of the loveable little people, too.

Words of unisex, a date of birth or illustrated namesakes; it can look adorable in a nursery as a wall sticker, fabric hanging or framed. Yellow has been a gender neutral colour choice unisex nurseries for generations. Update the look by choosing an on-trend mustard colour or a vibrant sunshine shade then dress with white furniture — it's a fail-safe colour combination that always works.

A neutral backdrop and matching furniture will stand the test of time until your child is ready to inject their own creativity umisex their nursery. Add interest that can easily be updated with friendly wall art and alternative storage solutions like graphic paper bags and tactile baskets.

The whimsical misty landscape of this full-size woodland mural creates a subtle wonder wall that's calming and serene. The choice of taupe for the canopy, chair fabric and cot bedding is inspired - it's soft, modern and suitable for everyone. Experts recommend there should be nothing unisx grabbing distance of a baby's sleeping area so hang the cloud unusex across a window or pinned to the wall, rather than on the cot.

Even if the nursery is decorated and ready a baby probably won't need it for the first few months while they are sharing a bedroom with parents. Make a Moses basket look part of the master bedroom scheme by choosing one made from natural materials and use a coverlet and blankets that match your own bed linen colours. Muted pastels are the perfect palette to choose to create a calming nursery.

And, when teamed with pale modern furniture, the room becomes a Scandi-style minimal space to build on with texture and character. Opt for geometric shapes in rugs, blankets and artwork for a cool scheme that's really easy to pull off. Well-known children's characters who are much loved by the parents offer a safe way of decorating a nursery - you'll be reading them the stories and so you know your child will grow to love Winnie the Nurserj, for example, as much as you do.

Most shops offer matching soft furnishings in baby friendly colours and designs and you can then add as much or as little of the look as you like until your nursery is just right. Of course, you can buy baby bedroom furniture in classic white or natural wood but how about making a statement by choosing a cot in a punchy shade.

Block-coloured pieces in dark greys, pigmented pastels and even rainbow brights are modern and make a refreshing change — just keep the rest of the room and soft furnishings muted. Need inspiration? Check out these 35 easy ways to add colour to your home. Keep a small nursery uncluttered and coherent by choosing matching furniture.

It's usually sold in sets of three; a cot, wardrobe and dresser with changing table top, and often with a discount if you purchase the full set. The cot is usually height adjustable and transforms into a toddler bed.

Character rugs and decorative accessories will personalise the room. Stuffed soft animal heads mounted on walls are nursery fun addition, too. Whether they are from the jungle, a woodland or are aquatic, baby animal illustrations and photographs make perfect prints for modern nurseries. Each one as cute as the next, they especially work well when mounted in a gallery wall set-up. Use their gentle colourway as a starting point for a relaxed and soothing scheme in pastels tones that are not fussy.

Love a white room but want to give it a bit more pizazz? Add a statement piece uisex furniture or art in an eye-popping neon hue. It will stand out against the plain background without disrupting the clean, simple feel of the scheme. As your child grows, these incredible children's beds will definitely prove popular.

Stick to pale, soothing tones and accessorise with accent colours unisxe muted hues. Check out these colour trends to get some inspiring ideas. Babies may be small, but they need an awful lot of things, and that means finding smart places to store everything. Open shelving is great for toys, keeping them in easy reach when emergency distraction is needed.

Storage boxes in attractive colours will hide away less aesthetically-pleasing bits and pieces. Paint nursery backs or insides of your shelves to turn your storage into a design feature. If the rest of your home is decked out in designer furniture and distinctive furnishings there is no reason why you can't continue this style into your nursery scheme. This ash and walnut cot with matching dresser has heirloom quality and craftsmanship which you could perhaps pass down the generations.

When teamed with a contemporary rocking chair and bursts of modern colour, this new-age nursery is the ultimate editor's choice. Looking for more decor ideas? Do you want to comment on this article? You need to be signed in for this feature. News Homes Interiors Investing Features. Expand Nursrey. Beautiful baby nuresry Urban Avenue. Retro rocks Cuckooland. Stick with tradition Ella James. Keep it cosy Bazaar Group Ltd.

Create a space to sit comfortably IKEA. Change is nursery IKEA. Shrink to fit with small-scale furniture IKEA. Sing a rainbow Wallsauce. Mix old and new Urban Avenue. Express your love Taka Tomo. Go for gold Valspar. Neutrals never lose Valspar. Magical moments Pixers. First stages Norsu interiors. Scandi shapes Norsu Interiors.

Nursery faces Mothercare. Add a colourful cot Handelsagentur Becker. Co-ordinate furniture cuckooland. Perfect prints Unisex House. Out of sight Stiff and Trevillion. When it comes to nursery storage, built-in cupboards are the best friend of minimalist parents who only want to leave the uhisex toys on display.

Don't fear however, because these 30 cute ideas for a unisex nursery will make your life so much easier! The colours of choice for most unisex nurseries are green and yellow because they're meant to be fitting for both boys and girls. Instead, why not go for some grey accents around the room for a chic look? Not that other babies care If your baby could talk, they'd be talking about the classy nursery room you designed for them.

Although blue isn't typically used for a girl's nursery though I don't know why, because I like it better than pink , you can try using various colours for the room to make it less masculine.

By mixing green, blue and orange like this photo, the parents were able to keep the nursery neutral for any sex. Have you ever seen a nursery so whimsical? I didn't think so. If you're having trouble figuring out what to do for your little one's future bedroom, paint the walls a solid colour black, beige or white and hire someone to create custom wall art or do it yourself. Concerned about painting something that might lean one way or the other?

Why not pick out one of your favorite childhood books e. Seuss and paint characters or quotes on the walls. Whether you're going for a full jungle theme or you've just used framed animal photos throughout the room, decorating with animals makes sense for unisex baby decorations.

Animals don't necessarily scream boy or girl after all, there are both male and females out there in the animal kingdom , so they'll be a perfect addition to your design. No, I'm not talking about the Wiz Khalifa song, but as everyone knows, yellow is a great option for unisex rooms.

I'm not usually a big fan of the colour, but I like how it doesn't appear overwhelmingly bright in this setup. The subtle hints of black, white and grey around this nursery make it a great space for a baby of either gender. As much as everyone likes to decorate with the baby in mind, why not share this space? After all, mums and dads end up spending almost as much time in the nursery as their baby does.

With grey walls, white furniture and some artsy flare, even I'd want to sleep in this room! Rather than picking out paint or wallpaper which we know everyone hates to do anyway , stick with an all-white nursery. Simple and effective and easy to wash! Why even worry about colours or patterns when you can just have an entire wall fully dedicated to books?

I'm a complete book nerd so I know that I'll definitely want to do this when I eventually have a child. Plus, once your baby grows up and transforms his or her new room, s he can replace those childhood books with high school and college classics. By theme, I don't mind with your colours, but rather Something more nautical because you live by the beach? Whatever it is, make sure that it can go for either gender. Seriously though, who said that blue has to be for boys and pink has to be for girls?

Hopefully all of that will change in the future, but I digress. If you just happen to be a person who likes blue but who also wants a unisex nursery, you can still have that by simply disguising the colour. Remember how we talked about themes a minute ago? Well, take some inspiration from the photo above by using an ocean theme or simply a giant picture of a whale so you can paint your walls blue. Then when someone asks if you painted the room blue because you're having a boy, you can respond with the obvious answer.

Whether a boy or girl, you baby deserves to feel royal Yet when it comes to children, all parents want to do is pamper them with unconditional love and I'm pretty sure this decor illustrates just that.

Plus, those gold accents right?! Rather than getting worked up over a colour scheme that may or may not be unisex, buy or make an item in the nursery that will be the focal point similar to this fantastic baby crib. If you do so, all the attention will be on the centerpiece and not the rest of the room.

Add a colourful cot Handelsagentur Becker. Co-ordinate furniture cuckooland. Perfect prints Covet House. Out of sight Stiff and Trevillion. When it comes to nursery storage, built-in cupboards are the best friend of minimalist parents who only want to leave the choicest toys on display. Incorporating drawers as well as shelves gives you maximum flexibility, while painting the insides of cupboards adds a playful touch without interrupting the serenity of the scheme when the cupboard doors are closed.

Double trouble Cashmere Interiors. Warm neutrals and a woodland theme once again come into their own in this twin bedroom, and the room has been cleverly halved using a wigwam-style awning. Dividing a shared room to give each child their own personal space becomes increasingly important as they grow older and more independent. Please yourself Atkin Design Studio. There's no reason not to decorate the nursery to your own tastes - you're the one who'll be spending the most time in it!

A sleek brass floor lamp, shearling cushion and Berber-style rug could be taken from the chicest of living rooms but still looks wonderful in a soothing neutral nursery. Go green Tina Marie interior design. Perfect pairing Niche Interiors. Grey and yellow make for a harmonious, gender-neutral colour pairing. Monochrome magic Metricon. Black and white look effortlessly chic in any room, including the nursery. Go for white or pale grey as your base colour so the scheme feels light and airy then use black and darker greys as accents.

The limited colour palette frees you up to be as playful as you like with pattern. Hint of mint Dale Design. If all-over black and white feels a bit too stark, soften the look by painting the walls in an ultra-pale pastel hue, such as the mint green shown here. A soft yellow or on-trend violet would work just as well. This is an incredibly quick and affordable way to give a simple room character and is easy to update as your little one grows and begins to develop tastes of their own.

All white Steele Street Studios. All-white rooms are as elegant as they are soothing, and you can add colour with toys and accessories to suit your little one. A television may not, at first glance, be the most obvious choice for a nursery, but could end up being greatly appreciated during those early-morning feeds. Complementary accent colours — such as the orange and blues shown here — are another great way to pep up an otherwise all-white scheme, and can be incorporated quickly and easily with a smattering of cushions and throws.

Also note the purpose-made changing chest, a nursery essential. Blue for boys — and girls Lucy McLintic. Until the middle of the last century, blue was considered to be a dainty colour more suited to girls than boys.

Adding delicate patterns and shapes — such as the tree branch wall stickers shown here — will give the room a more traditionally feminine feel. Bold blue La Casa Azul Design. Show your stripes m monroe design. If you choose to incorporate stripes into your nursery scheme, make sure you place them where your baby can see them from their cot. Painting stripes onto the walls — and even the ceiling — is an effective and affordable way to do this. Stars are another fantastic gender-neutral motif for a nursery.

You can add them in the form of star-spangled fabrics or adorn your walls with them using wallpaper, stencils or stickers. Up, up and away Elena Romanova Interiors. If all-over wallpaper feels, or costs, a bit much, just paper the wall next to where your baby sleeps so they can explore the pattern when they're lying in their cot.

Mix and match wallpaper White Elk Interiors. Using different papers on adjacent walls can add a sense of playful sophistication to a nursery scheme. Restrict your colour palette to two or three hues to prevent the room from feeling hectic. Exotic influences Julia Rafflenbeul Interior Architecture. A pictorial wallpaper inspired by Indian murals creates an air of sophisticated fancy in this traditional nursery.

The toy elephant on the floor echoes the wallpaper design, adding a lighthearted touch. Thoroughly modern Olive Juice Designs. You can also incorporate more grown-up choices when it comes to colour and pattern.

Play time Id design group. Nurseries are an ideal opportunity to embrace the spirit of playfulness and really have some fun with your decorating. Bright, primary colours, fanciful accessories, bold, childish imagery — anything goes. Your imagination is the only limit. A safari theme works equally well for girls and boys and should stand the test of time as your baby becomes a toddler.

A nursing chair, such as the rocker shown here, is a nursery essential for night-time feeds. Nautical nursery Vanessa Antonelli. Nautical and coastal schemes are another excellent unisex nursery option. Choose some excellent stuffies and then display them so they are not only part of the decor, but easy to find. Not only does mid-century modern furniture look chic, but this piece is also lower to the ground Plus, this piece can go from baby years to adult years.

This constellation wallpaper is incredible. The colors work with almost any type of nursery furniture. Michele Zipp Feb 15, Baby. Share Tweet Pin.

Pairing white with a soft beige makes for a serene setting. It's dreamy. That slate blue is gorgeous, but we also love the gold-tone elements of this pretty nursery. Light gray, black, white, and yellow rule for a nursery.

And that wallpaper! Year-round garland, featuring a sweet design like this one, is always a good idea. Light wood accessories give a nursery a very modern yet rustic feel. The wallpaper and rug have that perfect mix of patterns going on.

The funky print on this cool crib bedding is Dalmatian! It's spotted and spectacular. To bring natural texture into a neutral space, try wicker accents. A wall in the darkest green gives this nursery a regal feel -- as does the golden crib. This jaw-dropping nursery is super chic, and we're in love with the sheen of the wallpaper. When we want to add a pop of all the colors, and to do so in the most whimsical way possible. Mobiles are great, but mobiles with feathers might be our new favorite.

The whole look here is terrific, but let's fixate on that deer crib sheet! This baby-friendly map mural looks amazing and has such gorgeous colors.

Stripes are striking in any color, but we love this soft blue for any baby. For doing tummy time with baby, or story time with a toddler, this teepee is a cozy place. This could be the perfect "natural habitat" for baby bear. The moon phase wallpaper is perfection and so is the choice of peach as an accent. The blue-green toddler bed and blankets catch our eye, but that heart rug -- so perfect.